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Author/Source: Mirza Suleman Beg, M.D.  (mirzasbeg@yahoo.com) Posted by: admin
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A reality from which we hide
Short years do we all ride
Though there are always reminders
We shy away from being truth finders
One day in my life will come
Dust will this body become
The end of life as I know it
Don't dare tell me that that is it
I came from nowhere and nowhere do I return
What? No purpose, or reason just natures fun
Could have been a tree animal or just an element
By the way, being a human was just an accident
By chance I am a descendent of an ape
Not a shrub or flower on my landscape
Once death overcomes I am forever gone
As if nothing happened I was never born
I need some answers time is running out
Wait you'll be a fish maybe a trout
What!! I say to that response
Am I recycled and that too only once
No, Seven lives they say I get
I can die in peace, now I am set
But what if I am in number seven
How do I find out, and what then
Who will tell me where is the truth
I am willing to find it even in a booth
Some people say there is one guide
But behind veils does he reside
He has spoken about truth and reality
Those words are preserved for eternity
They say his name is Lord
I did find solace in His word
Perfect fit for the missing piece
Now my soul can rest in peace

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