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Islamic Punishments: Basic Directives

Code:                   DLC/I/1

Resource Person:  Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Author:                Shehzad Saleem

Instructor:          Siddiq Bukhary

Pre-requisites (Recommended):

Interpreting the Qur'an (DLC/Q/6)

Duration:             Open 

Module 1 

    Section I: Introduction 

            i. Scope and Sphere
            ii. Responsibility of Administering Punishments
            iii. Discrimination of Faith in Punishments

    Section II: The Major Crimes  

            i. Muharabah and Anarchy
                   a. Implications
                   b. The Muharabah Punishments
                           1. Taqtil (Execution in an Exemplary Manner)
                           2. (Taslib) (Crucifixion)
                           3. Amputation of Limbs from Opposite Sides
                           4. Exile
                   c. Criteria for Administering the Muharabah Punishments
                   d. Sphere of the Muharabah Punishments
                   e. Objective of the Muharabah Punishments
                   f. Exception in the Muharabah Punishments 

Module 2

    Section II: The Major Crimes (II) 

            ii. Murder and Injury
                   a. Intentional
                           1. Background and Scope
                           2. Responsibilities of the Society
                           3. Distinguishing Feature of Islamic Law
                           4. Clauses of the Qisas Punishment
                           5. Objective of the Qisas Punishment  
                   b. Unintentional
                           1. Clauses of the Punishment
                           2. The Issue of Diyat  

Module 3 

Section II: The Major Crimes (III)

            iii. Fornication
                   a. The Initial Directive
                   b. The Final Directive
                           1. Clauses of the Punishment
                           2. Scope of the Punishment
                           3. Reporting the Crime 

            iv. Qadhf
                   a. Nature of the Punishment
                   b. Forms of the Punishment
                           1. General
                           2. Specific  

            v. Theft
                           1. Clauses of the Punishment
                           2. Objective of the Punishment



February 2021

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