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Theme of the Quran

Code:                   DLC/Q/3

Resource Person:  Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/Shehzad Saleem

Author:                Shehzad Saleem

Instructor:          Jhangeer Hanif

Pre-requisites:   None 

Duration:             Open 

Module 1

A. The Classical View

Section I: The Quran contains the basis of every Topic 

Section II: Five Topics of the Quran

            i. Injunctions (Ahkam)
            ii. Disputation (Mukhasamah)
            iii. Reminding man of Divine Favours
            iv. Reminding man of Divine Events
            v. Reminding man of Death and after Death

B. The Contemporary View

Section I: Indhar of Muhammad (sws)

            i Theme Statement
            ii. The Indhar of Rusul
                   a. The Propagation Phase   
                   b. The Acquittal Phase
                   c. The Judgement Phase

Module 2

B. The Contemporary View (Continued)

            iii. Details of Muhammad’s (sws) Indhar
                   a. The Propagation Phase
                   b. The Acquittal Phase   
                   c. The Judgement Phase   
                           1. The Reward
                                 a. For the Muslims
                           2. The Punishment
                                 a. For the Idolaters
                                 b. For the People of the Book
                                 c. For the Hypocrites

Section II: Extension of Muhammad’s Indhar  


            Appendix A: Indhar of Noah (sws)
            Appendix B: Fate of some Nations who denied their Rusul


February 2021

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