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Language of the Quran

Code:                   DLC/Q/5

Resource Person:  Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/Shehzad Saleem

Author:                Shehzad Saleem

Instructor:          Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim

Pre-requisites:   None 

Duration:             Open 

Module 1

Section I: Sources of the Language

            i. The Quran
            ii. Ahadith and Athar
            iii. Classical Arabic

Section II: Some Features of the Quranic Style

            i. Address (Khitab)
                   a. Multiple Addressees
                   b. Shift in Address
                   c. Indirect Address

Module 2

Section II: Some Features of the Quranic Style (Continued)

            ii. Parenthetic Sentences (Jumuluh Mutaradah)
            iii. Textual Insertion (Tadmin)
            iv. Gradations in the Verb (Madarijul-Afal)
                   a. Expressing Intention
                   b. Expressing Result
                   c. Expressing Completeness
                   d. Expressing Permanence

Module 3 

Section II: Some Features of the Quranic Style (Continued)

            v. Oaths (Aqsam)

A. The Classical View

                   a. Basic Statement
                   b. Examples

B. The Contemporary View

                   a. Critique of the Classical View  
b. Basic Statement
                   c. Examples

            vi. Specific Connotation (Takhsis)

Module 4

Section III: Diction of the Quran

            i. Word Choice
            ii. The Pictorial Element
            iii. Humour, Satire and Irony
            iv. Wordplay and Ambiguity
            v. Narrative
            vi. Dialogue
            vii: Characterization


February 2021

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