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Interpreting the Quran

Code:                   DLC/Q/6

Resource Person:  Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/Shehzad Saleem

Author:                Shehzad Saleem

Instructor:          Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim

Pre-requisites:   None

Duration:             Open 

Module 1

A. The Classical View

Section I: Tafsir bi’l-Riwayah

            i. Methodology
                   a. Through the Quran
                           1. Brevity and Detail
                           2. General and Specific
                   b. Through the Prophet (sws)
                           1. Explaining Words
                           2. Explaining Directives
                           3. Adding to the Quran
                           4. Asbabu’l Nuzul
                   c. Through the Companions
                   d. Through the Tabi‘un
                           1. The Makkan Group
                           2. The Madinan Group
                           3. The Iraqi Group

Module 2

A. The Classical View (Conitnued)

Section I: Tafsir bi’l-Riwayah (Continued)

            ii. Historical Development
                   a. The 1st  Period: Oral Transmission
                   b. The 2nd Period: Chapters in Hadith Books
                   c. The 3rd Period: Independent Tafsir Works
                   d. The 4th Period: Specialized Tafsir Works
            iii. Important Works
                   a. Tafsir Tabari
                   b. Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Section II: Tafsir bi’l-Ra’ay

            i. General Introduction
                   a. Definition
                   b. Its Advocates
                   c. Its Adversaries
                   d. The Middle View
                           1. Mahmud (Commendable)
                           2. Madhmum (Condemnable)
ii. Important Works
                   a. Tafsir Kashshaf
                   b. Tafsir Kabir

Module 3

B. The Contemporary View

Section I: Authority of the Quran

Section II: Direct Sources

            i. Parallels of the Quran
            ii. Language of the Quran
            iii. Context of the Quran

Module 4

B. The Contemporary View (Continued)

Section II: Direct Sources (Continued)

            iv. Theme of the Quran

Module 5

B. The Contemporary View (Continued)

Section III: Helpful Sources

            i. Ahadith and Athar
            ii. The Major Commentaries
            iii. The Previous Scriptures
            iv. Historical Facts and Details


          Appendix A: The Isra’iliyat
          Appendix B:  Ahadith cannot Abrogate the Quran
          Appendix C: Difference between Hadith and Sunnah



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