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Topic initiated on Thursday, November 11, 2004  -  2:42 PM Topic is locked


Two of our members Aunty Nasreen, a senior member and Farzeen, a Young Mind, are sat in aitika'f(complete isolation for a few days , specially during last ten days of Ramadan to worship God) Although both are extrememly busy members of society. May Allah bless their time and effort.
We have requested them to remember us and our Work in prayers. Please pray for them that they get the most out of it. amen.

Posted - Saturday, November 20, 2004  -  7:12 AM 
Assalamu alaikum,

Al-hamdulillah, All went smoothly during Ramadan and many brothers and sisters participated in this Forum and expressed their views, etc.
Many thanks to UK Chapter for initiating this topic on Aitika'f.
Request the members to share their Ramadan experience and its influence on the routine lifestyle now ,i.e. after Ramadan.

jazak Allah khair...........

Posted - Monday, November 22, 2004  -  9:26 AM 
well sitin in aitikaf was an amazing experince
i felt dat i was no where near 2 go 2 JANNAH and dat i call myself muslim 4 da sake of it

dere r so mny holes dat need 2 b filld, errors dat need fixin inorder 2 ern da reward of hereaftr as ALLAH is knowr.

i always wntd 2 sit down n read QURAN n undrstnd it 4 myslf n not get spoon feed(i now dats gr8 aswell MASHALLAH but if 1 lerns itslf, it tends 2 sty in da head).i strtd it off but as sum of da translation can b vry complictd so i was kind of findin it hrd 2 carry on plus da timing and all.

n i find it amzng ow ALLAH nows ow everyfink wrks e.g. like i now mny ppl n also myslf, who tend 2 say "OH! WHN DA TIME CUMS ILL DO DIS IN ALLAH'S PATH (i.e.UMRA or HAJJ etc.!)"
n its azming ow ALLAH respnded WOT R U W8N 4, DA ANGLS 2 CUM DOWN N TLL U!( n also u shuld neva ask 4 da angels as when eva or where eva da angls were snd down also BAD NEWS followd 4 da dis-blvrs)
Hence, u shuld not leave it 4 sum srt of a sign 2 b snt 4 u jst do it and also dont make a burdn of it as u will b rewrd 4 it INSHALLAH.

aftr da aitikaf as i ave strtd 2 undrstnd QURAN 4 myslf, but durin dat period i was cryn so much while readn it n undrstndn it 4 myslf. also i tll my family n frnds wot i lrnt n try 2 tll dem n encrge dem 2 do IBADA n most of dem also wana sit 4 next aitikaf INSHALLAH
i pry 2 ALLAH as HE is all 4gvr n may HE 4gve our sins AMEEN!


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Edited by: Malix on Monday, November 22, 2004 9:37 AM

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