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Topic initiated on Friday, March 17, 2006  -  7:01 PM Reply with quote
Some facts about some muslims

Asalam Aalaikum,

Their are some facts about some muslims in the world who are spot on the name of Islam and muslims and unfortunately they are very dangerous to our society I think.

I have seen some muslims who donot look into themselves and keep on abusing and criticising non-muslims and other muslims ,although they themselves are the worst people on the face of the earth. They are unfortunately the most conservative minded people and donot try to understand what other people say.
If you do any favour to them they will still not regard you and will back bit you.

I want to know what should be the reaction of general muslims towards such dirty people

Posted - Saturday, March 18, 2006  -  5:56 PM Reply with quote
It is very unfortunate that more and more muslims are falling at the hands of these conservatives. We don't have true knowledge of our religion, our governments are oppressives and so the fanatic elements are useing the situation for their cause, they are using hungry, angry, illiterate muslims as their tools.

The reaction of general muslims towards such dirty people?
Equip ourselves with the knowledge of Islam and teach others.

Posted - Monday, March 20, 2006  -  10:58 AM Reply with quote
Thanks for your input sobi.

I worked with an old man in a travel agency for 2 years and his attitude caused me to leave his agency because his mental approach was having a very negative impact on my mind.
I was shocked to see the kind of approach that he had ,once we were discussing about simplicity in Islam, and he justifying the luxuries and comfortable houses that people develope for their living ,although I think in Islam, their is no concept of luxuries houses ,he said that if luxuries houses are haram in Islam then why do people spend lot of money on the decoration of graves of their relatives and use marbles on the sides of the graves?

Now I donot understand what is the logic behind such justification? How can you compare a dead person with a living person. When a person is alive, he uses the furniture in his house where as the dead person doesnot uses anything inside the grave.

What do you think?


Posted - Tuesday, March 21, 2006  -  11:55 PM Reply with quote
Sir: A Western philosopher once said that “Islam is probably the best religion but its followers are the worst of all religions”. The decline of the Islamic world in the past 500 years is clear evidence that Muslims themselves are to blame. At the heart of the matter is a widespread belief among Muslim populations that they are God’s chosen and preferred people and superior to others.

That makes approximately 4.8 billion people (3/4th of the world) infidel, kaafir and jahanammi. The fallacy and absurdity of this idealism has pitched Islamic civilisation against the rest of the world. Do we ever pause to think why Muslims are involved in conflicts in most regions of the world? Why can’t they get along with anyone? I believe this is because most Muslims seem to be unable to respect other civilisations. Religion should be a means of ending people’s suffering not increasing them. One can only hope that the Muslims become less arrogant and learn to live amicably with people of other religions. That alone will lead to a lasting peace in the world.

Posted - Wednesday, March 22, 2006  -  8:39 AM Reply with quote
Well I agree with you to some extent, but not completely,I donot think that the downfall of muslims was because of their own fault only, for further information ref:www.muslimheritage.com.

after the death of the 1st 4 rightly guided Caliphes, the Islamic world went through several political crisis and history testifies to the fact that not all muslim leaders were sincere with their nations and their main aim was to establish their monopoly over the politics.

Several traditions and cultures of muslim countries have murged into Islamic traditions causing its mixture.

Their are several muslims who think that shalwar Kameez is an Islamic dress although it is true that shalware kameez is actually an afghani dress representing afghani culture and it cannot be labelled as Islamic dress.

If their would have been any Islamic dress then Prophet(pbuh) would have strongly recommended muslim ummah to wear that dress. The Companions of Prophet(pbuh) wore the same dresses after accepting Islam that they use to wear before accepting Islam and Prophet(pbuh) never dissuaded them.
We can wear any dress of any culture keeping in view the rules of dressing set by our beloved Prophet(pbuh) which is different for muslim man and women.


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