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Topic initiated on Tuesday, May 9, 2006  -  4:20 PM Reply with quote
Memorize the Quran

Please look up


Posted - Tuesday, May 30, 2006  -  1:09 PM Reply with quote
A question: What do you do not to forget again what you once have learnt?
wa salam

Posted - Wednesday, May 31, 2006  -  9:24 AM Reply with quote
Well obviously Regular revision is the Best Thing in this regard
Also reading the memorized portions in the Regular OR Nafli Prayers also helps a lot in this regard
& of Course Tahajjud Prayer is the Best time for this purpose.

Posted - Friday, June 2, 2006  -  1:21 PM Reply with quote
Should Children be made Hafiz?
Or is it supposed to be an adult choice?

Posted - Friday, June 2, 2006  -  8:09 PM Reply with quote
For children it is easier than adults.

Posted - Saturday, June 3, 2006  -  5:15 AM Reply with quote
Well Now a Days we shud think again that WHY we want to make a Children Hafiz Bcoz life has Become V charming & busy for Kids as well. Memorization Demands a Lot of Involvment & w Computer games & Cartoons etc. these days, Kids already have LESS time EVEN for their Studis. So Hifz is Becoming a BIG burdon for them.
Moreover as the life is becoming MORE & MORE busy everyday, To KEEP & GUARD memorization is MORE difficult than memorization itself.
Being a Hafiz myself, I'm of the Opinion that at first we shud taught our Kids Arabic to Create a LIVE contact w Quran & then ONLY those kids shud GO for Memorization that are already GOOD in memorizing things & they are willing to Do so as well.
in my Opinion, w their Regular Studies, a Kid CAN COMPLETE his HIFZ in 5 years (from Class III to Class VIII)

Posted - Monday, June 5, 2006  -  7:35 PM Reply with quote
I think the atmosphere in which the child grows up is very important. Of cause the learning of suras is for God but still as we are human and children so much more we need some encouragement from the people around us. So when a child has learnt a sura by heart it should get the occasion to recite it in front of the family and hear mashAllah when it was good. And there might be some positive spirit of learning. And the parents should also learn something... Children should not be forced to learn I think. But their heart be opened for the beauty of Quraan inshaAllah.

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