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Topic initiated on Wednesday, June 14, 2006  -  11:02 PM Reply with quote
Quran & Modern Psychology in Conflict about Heart?


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Posted - Friday, June 16, 2006  -  3:15 PM Reply with quote
Not only all Muslims but almost every non-Muslim also knows and believes “God is Wise, Knower of the hidden things and Self sufficient…………………….”

So far as the limitations of the scientific knowledge are concerned, to date, the known function of heart is only to pump blood, to the near and remote areas of the body, nothing else.

Allah knows the best but His such Sayings e.g. about the heart seems to be “Metaphorical”.

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Posted - Friday, June 16, 2006  -  4:58 PM Reply with quote
Assalam O Alaikum
Dear Junaid bhai Once I heard this question from a non-muslim during Dr Zakir nayak's lecture the answer is also there on his website, but i'm putting it here. It'll help you for sure insha Allah here Ayat is different, but with same kind of meanings .....

1. Allah has set a seal on the heart of the Kuffar
The Glorious Qur’an says:

"As to those who reject Faith it is the same to them
Whether thou warn them or do not warn them;
They will not believe.
"Allah hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing and on their eyes is a veil
Great is the penalty they incur."
[Al-Qur’an 2:6-7]

2. The word qalb in Arabic means heart as well as intelligence
The Arabic word qalb used in these verses means the heart. It also means intelligence. Thus the above verses also mean that Allah has put a seal on the intelligence of the kuffaars (unbelievers) and they will not understand and believe.

3. In the Arabic language heart is also used as a centre of understanding
In the Arabic language the word ‘heart’ is also used to connote one’s centre of understanding.

4. Several words used in English language whose literal meaning is different
Even in English language there are several words which are used to explain something, though the literal meaning of these words are different. Consider the following examples

a. Lunatic - Struck by the moon:

The word ‘lunatic’ literally means struck by the moon. Today people use the word lunatic for a person who is insane or mentally unstable. People very well know that a mad or a mentally unstable person is not struck by the moon. Yet even a medical doctor uses this word. This is normal in the evolution of a language.

b. Disaster – An evil star

The word ‘disaster’ literally means an evil star. Today the word disaster is used for a great or sudden misfortune or calamity. We know very well that a misfortune has nothing to do with an evil star.

c. Trivial – Three roads meet

The word ‘trivial’ literally means where three roads meet. Today the word ‘trivial’ is used for something of small nature or little importance. We know very well that if something is of small value it has nothing to do with where three roads meet.

d. Sunrise and Sunset

‘Sunrise’ literally means rising of the sun. Today when the word ‘sunrise’ is used most of the people know that the earth is rotating and is moving in relation to the sun. Most of us know that the sun does not rise during sunrise. However even an astronomer uses the word ‘sunrise’. Similarly we know that during sunset, the sun does not actually set.

5. In the English language heart is the centre of love and emotion
In the English language heart means an organ in the body which pumps blood. The same word heart is also used for the centre of thought, love and emotion. Today we know that brain is the centre of thought, love and emotion. Yet while expressing emotions a person is likely to say "I love you from the bottom of my heart". Imagine a scientist telling his wife, "I love you from the bottom of my heart" and the wife replies, "Don’t you even know the basics of science, that the brain is responsible for the emotions and not the heart? In fact you should say I love you from the bottom of my brain."

6. Arabs know that the word heart in Arabic is also used for centre of thought and understanding
No Arab will ever ask the question as to why Allah has sealed the hearts of the kafir because he knows that in this context it refers to the centre of thought, understanding and emotions.

you can also check out the website of Dr Zakir Nayak and can get any answer from there insha Allah and Alhamdulillah .... www.irf.net

Asalam O alaikumz

Posted - Friday, June 16, 2006  -  6:35 PM Reply with quote
Salam and Peace!

Qalab has the only literal meaning Heart not intelligence. Every dictionary (Arabic, Urdu, Persian) supports the literal meaning.
If heart is taken as intelligence is not literal but metaphorical as brother/sister Loveall has pointed out.

Hope it helps!

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