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Topic initiated on Friday, July 7, 2006  -  10:53 AM Reply with quote
1st Anniversary of the 7th July Bombings

Multifaith Communities Stand:

Today is the 1st anniversary of the 7th July bombing victims in London. In order to show solidarity for peace and prosperity among the diverse communities living together in UK and to remember those who lost their lives and the ones injured...some coming to terms with a completely different life with lost limbs and loved ones, gatheringss shall be held at different places in the UK including the Royal County at 12 MD .

Members of the local Faith groups will be present and so will be the reps of Studying Islam to condemn such acts of terror and to proclaim that it they are totally against the teachings of Islam which keeps the life and interest of humanity as the top priority.

Posted - Saturday, July 8, 2006  -  12:26 AM Reply with quote
They were very emotional moments at the gathering at one of the local high streets in the Royal County. The Mayor of the area and police officers were also present. The prayer that one of the lady police officers said was heart rendering . It was something like follows. Oh Lord! You are the God of all of us who come from diverse faiths and communities and stand together in your presence today. You have made us different but we all believe in you. Please help those who have suffered from the 7th July'05 incident in any ways.(We could not control our tears at this because truely we felt that the hatred we hv been facing off n on and the change in our peaceful environment has also been because of this ugly incident. It came out of our hearts that God, please help us and accept our efforts to bring the communities/the humanity together. May god make it easy for us all and change this bitterness into a blessing. amen)

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