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Topic initiated on Sunday, July 9, 2006  -  10:38 AM Reply with quote
Discussion about muslims in the West in Geo TV

Asalam Aalaikum,

Dear Brothers,

Their is a program on Geo TV(I donot remember its name) but it is about discussion with Muslim Scholars living in West. I also donot remember the name of the host of the program and I am sorry for that but I think we should also discuss this program on this forum and get different views from members of this forum.

The Muslim Scholars in the program explain their experience of living in West and how they view the West.Their is a huge difference between the views of Muslims living in Pakistan or in any other muslim country and the views of Muslims living in West about West perticular.

The Muslims who were invited in the program explained the benefits of living in the West and one could really see the difference. They said that their is nothing wrong in living in West and if one can live as a great muslim in West and earn a much better living then their is no problem in living in the West and neither Islam prohibits such thing.

Muslim students go to West for higher education who are concerned about their career and future. Muslims go their to seek asylum and their is no doubt about it.

Muslims go their to invest their money because they think that their investment in West will be secure.

The main question of the program was that from Islamic perspective ,can a muslim live the rest of his life in a non-muslim country or should he return to his Muslim Country to strenghten his Country?

I hope the moderators and members of this forum will give their views and comments on this topic.



Posted - Sunday, July 9, 2006  -  11:39 AM Reply with quote
Can we atleast have the timings of that program?

Posted - Monday, July 10, 2006  -  6:56 AM Reply with quote
Was this program on JEO or on ARY bcoz I've seen such a Prog. there???

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