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Topic initiated on Saturday, September 23, 2006  -  11:38 AM Reply with quote
Which Jamaat to follow ??

Q. I am in a big confusion that today there are several Jamaths like Tabligh, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Ahle Hadith, Deobandi, Bareilvi, etc. Every Jamath people are saying their Jamath is the right one according to Quran and Hadith. I am expecting a reply from you.


good things:

Each of the above groups you mentioned (and there are others) has Khair (good things) in them. Tablighi Jama’at has the spirit of sacrifice and reaching to Muslim masses to call them to mosques. Jamaat-e-Islami has invaluable literature for the understanding and propagation of all aspects of Deen. Ahle Hadiths have contributed in creating awareness against a ‘blind following of Fiq’h schools’ that was resulting in change of priorities in respect of Hadith and Fiq’h. The institution of Deoband has a great contribution in spreading Ulemas and the schools of learning through every nook and corner of the country. Bareilavis have kept the candle of intense love of Prophet (Pbuh) alive. But all of them have their shortcomings too. People belonging to Tablighi Jama’at need to give more importance to understanding of Quran than they have been giving. The members of Jamaat-e-Islami need to give more importance to the fieldwork than the seminars, big meetings and weeks they organize. Ahle Hadiths need to be more positive and soft-spoken in their approach and check the reactionary tendencies among their ranks. Deobandis need to open up to the present day knowledge in the footsteps of the founder of Darul-Uloom, Maulana Qasim Nanautavi who was very progressive. The Bareilavis need to eradicate such evils from their ranks, which Maulana Ahmad Raza was dead against, like bowing to the graves of saints and the gathering of women on graves.


But the biggest drawback of different Islamic groups is their tendency to become a sect. The Prophet (Pbuh) had the unparalleled wisdom, vision, strength and capability under the direct supervision of Almighty and he had a small geographical area as his field of action. None of us is capable of his shoe’s dust and we have the whole of world to cope with. Whichever individual or a group claims that it alone has the capability of bringing about an Islamic revolution, is deceiving itself. In the vast expanding world of knowledge and the earth becoming practically one place, specialization has replaced generalization. Today none can encompass all the spheres of even a single field. All the parts of a car viz engine, chassis, wheels and body are vital. A car cannot run without any one of them. No car company in the world today can manufacture all the parts of its product but an integrated effort of all these brings about a car running on the road. Every single product we use from a needle to an aeroplane needs a coordination of specialists of different departments for its existence. An ENT specialist does not attempt a bypass surgery of heart on a patient and a physician sends one to a dentist when he develops a cavity in teeth. Our Jama’ats should understand that every one of them can utmost become a department of Al-Jama’at. They should have a true brotherly feeling of co-operation and coordination to run Al-Jama’at.

My advice to you is not to become a member of such group or Jama’at, which claims that it alone is perfect. At the same time you should always join and cooperate in those of their activities that are good for Islam and humanity. “...Cooperate (with everyone) in righteousness and piety. Help not one another in sin and transgression...” (Quran 5:2)

You cannot become a master of Quran and Sunnah overnight to judge between them but it is not difficult that when a member of any one of them (or any other group) calls you to join or cooperate in a particular activity, take a little time to find out if it is good in the eyes of Quran and Sunnah. It will gradually increase your knowledge and perception and your confusion will slowly evaporate.


Posted - Saturday, September 23, 2006  -  1:40 PM Reply with quote
Yours and your team’s Janat is ONLY your worldly desires nothing else!
The proof is this website.

Posted - Saturday, September 23, 2006  -  9:11 PM Reply with quote
Dear brothers

It may well be horses for courses. We want to travel from Glasgow to London, someone says I prefer the car, the other takes a train and a third catches a flight. The end result! we all want to reach London. We all think our choice is better then others.

My very limited understanding of religon states that religon is about three steps.

a) proper understanding of religon.b) its practical application in our lives.c) to teach others what we believe is right.

Number one is crucial, because 2 and 3 will depend upon what we understand from number 1.

In my humble opinion any one who is doing any work in the path of religon must be appreciated provided they are not undertaking or propogating un islamic activities.It is irrelevant whether I agree or not with their approach.

"The human mind is like a parachute, it works best when open"

One of the main dilemma's of islamic jammat's is that we are encouraged and expected to think and understand that if we join a particular jammat we have to accept everything they say and do and try to prove that every one else is wrong.

Religon is knowledge and awareness and is not one person's or one jammats property. We must be encouraged to use our mind, ask open questions and have an approach that accepts good things from different jammats or scholars, even different religons. We should be able to drink what we like from each fountain of knowledge.

This is more so because after the Prophet Muhammad pbuh , no one person or jammat can claim to know the entire truth, no prophet will come. Scholars are putting forward their understanding and intrpretations,but no one is perfect or without fault.

There is a well known saying that the tree that has the most fruit, bends the most towards the ground. Meaning the more you have knowledge , the more humble a person is because of your awareness and understanding.

What we find generally is that different jammats go out of the way to promote that they are right and point mistakes in others. When the aim should be support and appreciate all who are working in the path of religon provided they do not have any radical views or principles that are un islamic.

In answer to your question whether we do need a jammat or are we better to be individuals. Again my feeling is that it depends upon individuals, their knowledge, how strong they are and where they are located.

For most of us a jammat or surrounding, or group is very important . It provides us with a scenario like a petrol station where you regularly go to fill up on your iman and faith. Some of us may feel they are strong enough to continue alone or with contact with a web site.

For me what will be important if I was to join a jammat would be three things. a) how much encouragement do I get to clarify my problems or uncertainities about religon.b) how human the jammat is about themselves.do they encourage critisicm or believe this is un islamic and points to being un islamic if you question any aspect of religon.
Lastly and most importantly, how did they reach their interpretation of religon? does it have a logical thought process supported by academic and research based thought process.

Yes! for me an open minded group, who are self critical and who have the ability to appreciate good points from others would be essential.
Kind regards

Posted - Sunday, October 8, 2006  -  6:13 AM Reply with quote
QUOTE: - Which Jamaat to follow?

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

GOD SAYS: “Wa an-iabudunee haazaa sirat-i-mustaqeem (And that you serve Me; this is the right path)”- (36: 61)

The Quranic verse seems to be very much simple for someone to explain the answer of the question of this forum and for the readers to understand the meanings but God knows better.

Serving God seems to be meaning, “Doing what God likes i.e. doing what He commands and refraining from what He forbids” and this Law of commanding and forbidding is His Book- Holy Quran which implicitly demands its understanding catalyzed, facilitated, augmented, enhanced or reinforced by the Sunnah (33- 21) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Next question, which definitely arises, is that, as not all of us agree on the single interpretation of God’s sayings, who is then right? The simple answer is as follows.

According to me ALL THOSE, regardless of their sects, who are SINCERE TO THE RELIGION and have their BEST INTENTIONS, are on the RIGHT PATH regardless of the interpretations they do and the understandings they have because they are submitting or serving God to the best of their intentions, knowledge and the belief, nothing else. Nothing else exclusively indicates for God only or bypassing our own benefits of this world though, in serving God, our benefits are surely present in this world and in the hereafter.

God knows the intentions. So any Jamaat with best intentions and the sincerities, REGARDLESS of their understandings of the religion, is RIGHT and can be followed. But, on contrary, any Jamaat, which says, “We are right and all others wrong” are NOT worth following.

I have read somewhere, at this site, the example of some blind men trying to know the features of a living elephant by palpating (because they can’t see) it. One who palpates the legs only says elephant is like a pillar, one who palpates the tail only says elephant is like a rope, one who palpates the abdomen only says elephant is like a tank and one who palpates the ear only says elephant is like a fan (hand fan). So everyone is right according to one’s approach and the limit of understanding while ALL ARE WRONG. They can be right only if they combine all the information and form only ONE COMMON PICTURE. Similarly if all religious Jamaats combine and produce ONLY ONE common thinking according to Holy Quran and Ahadith, then they MAY be right. BUT, are the Muslims whose EVERY JAMAAT gives the REFERENCES OF HOLY QURAN AND AHADITH, ready to agree to make a common thinking OR, is *the Jamaats which consider themselves knowledgeable and all others illiterate ready for the purpose or they want to impose their OWN thinking and the desires, by hook or crook, on every other Jamaat?
*As I have mentioned in the beginning of this post, any Jamaat, which considers itself knowledgeable and all others illiterate, must NEVER be followed. They are actually the people who have the bad intentions, insincerities and are eroding deliberately the roots of Islam and they will always remain struck off.

Wassalaam with the saying of God:

Our Lord! Lay open the truth between and our people, for you are the best of all to lay open the truth. (7: 89)

Posted - Monday, October 9, 2006  -  6:08 AM Reply with quote
I fully endorse your sentiments.Indeed! if any jammat with the right intentions is working for religion, for the sake of religion, and without any ulterior motive, then we should priase them. However, our religion or our approach towards it should also mean that our motto should be "seek and follow the path of truth" meaning that if someone points our mistake , or we see something better, we accept and modify.
In other words our approach is not rigid or fixed. We are open minded and acknowledge that we can be wrong in some aspects and other jammats can be right or better in some other points.

I emphasise that prophethood has finished and no jammat or no individual can claim to know the entire truth.

if we look at it from an outsider's perspective, they see that firstly Islam claims to be the rightous religion, then there are 50-100 different organisations, each claimimng to be right and practicising in a different way. That looks confusing.

If we look at it from a muslim's perspective.He/she is also confused, so much choice.How do I know what is right /wrong. Which jammat to choose.

I re write what I have quoted to an answer to another question.

If we produce radiaclly different approaches to religion that show no tolerance towards each other and in some aspects may have contrasting views like "kill all non believers" even views about the purpose of existance is to strive for Islamic domination then it becomes very difficult to justify the role of Qur'an as the rope that holds muslims together or Mezaan.

Every Muslim is aware that the Qur’an has a pivotal role in our religion.

And hold fast to the rope of God together and do not become disunited…. (3:103)

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) has explained that the Book of God is the rope of God that stretches from Heavens to Earth.

The natural outcome of this directive is that whenever Muslims encounter a difference of opinion, we resort to the Qur’an to find its solution. Unfortunately the irony is that we have gross difference of opinions concerning the interpretations of the Qur’an itself, in many instances providing contrasting explanations about its directives. This also occurred because Muslims based their Qur’anic interpretations on unsubstantiated Ahadith, different philosophies and mysticism. They also resorted to blind following of individual interpretations by religious scholars and were reluctant to question their understandings and interpretations. Furthermore the society did not encourage Intellectual inquisition towards the then accepted interpretations and beliefs about religion, to question them was looked upon as being un-Islamic.

In addition to intellectual differences, the more serious issue raised by this multiplicity of interpretations of the Qur’an is that this forms the basis of the vast majority of sectarianism in Islam. Different religious groups have interpreted Qur’anic verses in different chosen ways to justify their beliefs and approaches. Each sect has adopted its own interpretation because isolating a verse from its context can associate multiple meanings to it.

Understanding Islam approach based on the thinking pioneered by Imam Farahi, aspires that when the Qur’an is interpreted in light of its theme, context and sequence, with a firm grasp of its language and taking into account the time of revelation and the phase of the prophetic mission, it reduces possibilities of different understandings from the Qur’an because it uses the Qur’an itself as the first scale for understanding the Qur’an.

According to Imam Farahi:

"There is no justification or place for more than one interpretation in the Qur’an”.

Amin Ahsen Islahi in his Qur’anic commentary, Tadabur-i-Qur’an, writes:

"I have given the complete and required importance to the coherence of it’s (i.e. The Qur’an’s) text. Hence I have utilised the same diction and assertions in its entirety. In fact, I was forced to use the same diction and assertions, because after applying coherence, (The Qur’an) does not allow you to wonder in various valleys (i.e. different conclusions). The true fact becomes explicit right in front (of one’s eyes in such a manner) that unless you are ignorant or blind you would not be able to deny it."

The text of the Qur’an will not accept multiplicity of explanations. This fulfils the obligatory and essential basis for the claim of the Qur’an that it is a balance in whose scales, everything must be weighed in order to ascertain the extent of truth; and criterion or distinguisher of good and evil which like a sieve sifts out good from evil.

In conclusion, we must seek and follow the truth as quoted by you(7;89). We must be open minded and must not have blinkered approach. Very important to accept our mistake if some one points out. And to be able to acccept a better alternative from another person or jammat without becoming egoist.

Lastly, th jammat must not be practicisng something which is against the ethos of our religion. This requires us to have the ability to think outside the " bounderies" inflicted upon us.

"human mind is like a parachute it works best when open"

As I understand a man that has grasped theethos of Islam, to begin with is a tolerent, polite, humble and patient person. He/she debates with others in manners that our appropriate. If we put this to test in our every day lives, how many jammats actually possess these vitues.?

Posted - Saturday, October 14, 2023  -  7:52 PM Reply with quote
I advise you all to learn true Islaam instead of wasting time listening to people's opinions on forums.

www.tawhidfirst.com (English)

www.abukhadeejah.com (English)

www.imamdarimi.com (Urdu)

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