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Topic initiated on Wednesday, October 18, 2006  -  7:33 PM Topic is locked
hadiya for missed fasts

salaam all a quaestion for anyone, people who are too sick or old to fast or can not for medical reasons are asked to pay hadiya for missed fasts, they say you have to pay the amount to feed a person a day. the rate in uk as i know is 2 pounds per day it has just been brought to my attention that even though you pay for a meal for a person per day you have to pay for two meals per person per day, one for sehri one for iftaar is this true, or is it just one meal a day. can someone get back to me asap on this please.

Posted - Thursday, October 19, 2006  -  5:54 AM 
w salaam Sister

According to the Words of Qur'an "one have to pay the amount to feed a person" Only. Now Is it One Meal or TWO? It depends on its interpretation that can be Either way equally. SO now All it depends on the Will & Capacity of the Person paying "Fidya" (& not Hadiya) of Fasts. I'll recommend that if One can Afford, He/She shud pay for two meals.
One more thing shud be Kept in mind regarding this. The amount of Fidya is NOT FIXED. One Shud PAY according to His/her Personal Ave. expenditure on a meal.
Same is the Case of "Fitrana". It shud ALSO be PAID in accordance to your OWN ave. PER DAY EXPENDITURES & not by the LOW Amount announced by the Ulama.

Posted - Thursday, October 19, 2006  -  6:59 PM 
thank you brother ibrahim, i used the word hadiya because thats what the molana at the mosque called it. i understand what your saying about pay what you can afford according to your own expendiure but here everyone goes by the rates which are little compared to how much we spend onour selves which is a shame as charity should not be reduced to certain amount.

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