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Topic initiated on Friday, September 19, 2008  -  10:58 PM Reply with quote
Laylatul Qadr for Ibaadah by females in M.

Assalam ualaiku,
May Allah bless us all, accept our duas, prayers.

How can a female in menses do ibaadah for laylatul qadr? in the last ten nights?
Can we recite Quran by wearing gloves or touching d Quran with a piece of cloth?
I had heard and read in some hadeeth that we cannot recite Quran but can hear, but in case of Just Ibaadah can we use gloves? as i have seen many females doing that..I wanted to know the hadeeth that if we really can.


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Posted - Monday, September 22, 2008  -  5:52 AM Reply with quote
Amin & wa alaikum us salaam sister

A female in her menses can do every type of Ibadah except any type of prayer i.e. can recite Quran etc.

There's no harm if she touches the Quran with her hands but if she wants she can use gloves though it's not compulsory. It wud be much better if she performs WUDU before recitation.

There are both type of Ahadith But we take those ones that say that Prophet pbuh has stopped ladies in menses from Tawaaf only beside the Prayer, Fasting & Intercourse. this means that the can do all other things like reciting Quran. This is opinion of many scholors like Nasir-ud-Deen Al-Bani

Posted - Wednesday, September 24, 2008  -  5:04 AM Reply with quote

.............There are both type of Ahadith But we take those ones ...................

Ahadith contrdicting each other?

Are you blaming the prophet by saying that he made contradictory statements in such serious matters.

Kindly give references to the authentic book of Hadith you are talking of.

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