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Topic initiated on Thursday, January 29, 2009  -  2:48 PM Reply with quote
If you like Girls, you must like Needles!

Dear Young Minds!
I am trying to put some colours and faces in as you all are Young Minds.
Today I saw a young patient in hospital and we often see young boys who do not wish to have blood tests to check for infections. But they have been having contacts with girls. I tell these boys
"If you like girls, you must like needles" or stay disciplined, concentrate on your education and stop thinking about and running after girls.Because if you are not checked in time for infections then, you may end up having dreadful diseases like HIV and Syphilis. Under 15 involvement of children in such activities is not uncommon in this country and we also keep hearing about such stories from Pakistan and other Muslim and 3rd world countries. People need to be educated in all categories.If you are not scared of God, get scared of Disease & Death!this goes for girls & boys, mums and dads,grand parents, leaders & politicians,everyone

Posted - Thursday, February 26, 2009  -  3:15 PM Reply with quote
nevr said a truer word!

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