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Topic initiated on Friday, February 27, 2009  -  4:49 PM Reply with quote

I'm just wondering why celebrities earn more money than scientists or people who help this world be a better place?
I mean what scientists and some other people do is more important and helpful in todays society, but what celebrities do (for example star in a movie or sing) is not going to change this society. I think it is quite unfair. Im sure that more people watch the grammys and oscars than watching the nobel prize <--Even though it might be boring
What do you all think about this?

Posted - Friday, February 27, 2009  -  5:49 PM Reply with quote

........ star in a movie or sing) is not going to change this society. ..........

I dont agree with you on this. They do influence the society.
My little grandchildren are Amir khan's fans after they saw 'Taare Zameen Par" I feel that because of this if he gives some good advice they will take it. And if he teaches them something bad they will no doubt adopt that.

Posted - Saturday, February 28, 2009  -  7:45 PM Reply with quote
This is an exeption.....most celebrities are all about fame and fashion. The children will like to be like them and care about looks and fashion and fame. Whereas doctors can inspire children to think about helping people and hopefully influence them to do that in their later life and this is apart from the fact that what they do in itslef is very helpful.

Posted - Monday, March 2, 2009  -  2:45 PM Reply with quote
Everything has a good side and a bad side. The good side: the stars can influence children on things such as preventing pollution or other good things thru their songs and movies.
Bad side: sum things which r not appropriate for young minds can accidently cum into their lives thru media and celebrities which could totally change the way they c things.
Make the best of evrthing!

Posted - Monday, March 2, 2009  -  4:59 PM Reply with quote
Good answer

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