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Posted - Wednesday, June 17, 2009  -  9:31 AM Reply with quote

God .... You like to argue.
Who are arguing? is it you or avi?
Basically, submitters are claiming that Muslims have altered the Quran. Did God not promise us to preserve his last revelation.
This is out of track. God has promised to preserve his word(quran)not any other thing.
When thousands of people had already memorised the Quran how was it possible for any one to extract or insert verses within Quran.
It is illogical to say as.... it is not possible to.....
it should be rememberd that hadith may be used as historical evidence But should not be used as Source of Islam.

Posted - Wednesday, June 17, 2009  -  10:15 AM Reply with quote
Dear lofty,

Hi.. I am avi and my id was avi2009. My password has been tampered and for this reason I can't enter the forum to post my views and for this reason I uses this id, which is also of mine. I don't know again whether my password will be tampared or not to discontinue my post. I think some people are in this forum, who even do not want to listen others views about Islam. It is our badluck. However, I post my reply to dear lofty's post through this id. Pl. don't take otherewise

Dear lofty,

Did you realize, whose knowledge of Quran is very poor. Did you learn anything from my previous post, that said to you that ‘Quran can’t be abrogated’? I gave you lot of references from the quran in support of this, not outside the quran as you did many times.

You talked a lot outside main the discussion point e.g. follower of R.K., alteration of Qur’an etc..etc. to convert the face of our main discussion point deliberately. It is not good thing. Also I am not interested to discuss regarding these matters. However, one point should be very clear here that Our only Religious Source is Qur’an and it is Complete & Fully Detailed (6:114). I don’t know what is your problem to Obey the commandment of Almighty God, when He advises us in Qur’an that WE SHOULD MAINTAIN MODERATE TONE IN PERFORMING OUR REGULAR SALAT’? (17:110) Rather you cited a fabricated story about the verse in concerned, about which, nowhere in the quran we find any clue. Strange!!!
Q:- As far as our religion is concerned, it is perfectly preserved within Quran and Sunnah as Shah pointed out….
Is it your own statement dear..? Where did you find this in Quran or from which verse(s) of the Quran, you concluded this?

Who should be followed dear…. Is it the words of Almighty God OR the words of Mr. Shah or like these people…..?

Please read 2:170 & 42:21


Posted - Wednesday, June 17, 2009  -  10:40 AM Reply with quote
Avi Salam alaykum (peace be upon you!)

The admin has to restrict you each time because since very long time you have been coming on to our forums with baseless arguements, despite receiving reasonable answers to your queries you repeat the same sentences & arguements and upset other members, many a times with rude remarks, because of which some of our members and colleagues have even left the forums. This is height of tolerance on our part.

The website has nothing against any individual member otherwise, as long as they learn & share their views in a peaceful manner. This is what these forums are here for & this site is known for it's tolerance for diverse opinions from Muslims & Non-Muslims both.
But we want the members to remain sensible & display good manners and behaviour! Otherwise they will be deleted, blocked or restricted, even if we have to do it multiple times!!

Remember! We ought to look after all our members & visitors and cannot allow anyone to cause trouble on this site which is built in the name of Peace, Salam by Saleem

Directorate of Studentaffairs
email: admin@studying-islam.org

Posted - Sunday, June 28, 2009  -  9:19 AM Reply with quote
Awwwwwwwwww..............somebody is mad.
Dear avi if you were banned that doesn't mean you keep on making new ids and start spamming here.
If you think you were banned for no good reason then you should debate on this with the site admin, staff etc. Making different id and posting in a very inappropriate and disgusting manner only makes you loose the sympathy some, users including me had for you.

Posted - Sunday, June 28, 2009  -  11:04 AM Reply with quote
This post and multiple others have been deleted due to the use of foul language. We apologise to the participants for this unpleasant experience they often go through because of the breach of the Forums' code of conduct by some rare members/member.

karlaz(and all other id's used for yourself) as to the reply to your complaint, please note that all members are free to express their views on these forums since day 1, but in order to keep the environment favourable for ongoing peaceful discussions & exchange of views, we have to edit/delete un-necessarily repeated arguements when they have already been replied multiple times and time to time we have to purge the site from rude remarks & foul language.

The free access to our forums can be viewed by the mere fact that members like yourself can register, re-register and keep posting swear words to the site owners and participants as 'n wen you wish. Perhaps our admin should be a bit more strict and controlling about this, but as evident, they believe in tremendous freedom of speech!!! We are now tracing IP addresses in order to involve cyber crime control.


Edited by: hkhan on Monday, June 29, 2009 9:26 AM

Posted - Sunday, June 28, 2009  -  1:24 PM Reply with quote
Oh my!
That just goes on to show your upbringing and mental level, really feel sorry for you, poor thing. May Allah guide you to the right path.

Why are you making a mockery of yourself?

Posted - Tuesday, June 30, 2009  -  2:34 PM Reply with quote
I wish you could spend your brain and energy in something productive. Believe me you don't have to come here and start whinning. All of us got your point now do us all a favour stop spamming.

Posted - Tuesday, June 30, 2009  -  2:39 PM Reply with quote
And if you think this is going to provoke me or insult me then I think you should grow up, stop behaving like a dum teenager. Have some self diginity.
This is my last reply to your whinning posts.

Posted - Wednesday, July 15, 2009  -  3:41 PM Reply with quote
the qur'an and the sunnah are the perfect tools for one wanting to enter jannah, insha'Allah. the qur'an tells us that we need to perform Hajj, but it is the sunnah of our Prophet ( SAAWS ) that explains how Hajj is performed. the same with the Salaah. we should always see the importance of both and not try to undermine the ahadith that have been recorded. it's most likely impossible to properly practice islam without applying the sunnah based upon the authentic ahadith

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