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Topic initiated on Tuesday, June 30, 2009  -  4:52 PM Reply with quote
Should doctors talk to patients about religion ?

A group of nursing staff in National Health Service is running a campaigne to allow the medical and para-medical staff to discuss spiritual & religious issues which could be helpful in their treatment.Otherwise NHS holds the view that this sort of discussion should be left for the hospital Chaplains(religious guides) only and Doctors should just be sensitive to the patient's faith, but nothing more than that.

Posted - Wednesday, July 1, 2009  -  2:41 AM Reply with quote
I think its a very good idea. it should be pursued further. i remember once my relative was ill and admitted to a ward.The doctor who came in the morning for the round asked all patients who could walk and sit to come around him, sit on the sheets and listen to him for fifteen minues.the nurses and cleaners also joined in. He told them that God had made them ill and brought them to the hospital for a reason.that they should look back and see what good and bad they had done so far and ask Allah to forgive their mistakes. If they went back from the hospital without learning any lesson, then it would be a waste of time that they spent in the hospital.
when doctors tell something like this to their patients, it leaves a great impact and the level of faith rises tremendously.

Posted - Wednesday, July 1, 2009  -  11:23 PM Reply with quote
I like what shehzad has written ,
and yes what the doctors say when you r ill has a very strong impact on the soul.
God cannot be removed from our thoughts specially when we are ill, because often He s the fisrt one we cry out to when in extreme pain and distress.

I think the NHS policy makers could benefit from discussion around this topic.

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