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Topic initiated on Saturday, July 4, 2009  -  4:50 PM Reply with quote
more muslim children's sites

for learning and games


And download next surah on Quran for All.


the reason i liked Quran for All on studying islam is also that it has sound effects which makes it easier for me. i like uncle shazad's teaching on it and when he says "wa" means "and" "wa" "and" "wa" "and" this word is repeated so many times in Quran and now i know it!! heyyyy...cheerrss

Posted - Sunday, July 5, 2009  -  4:53 PM Reply with quote
thanks for the websites! :)

Posted - Monday, July 13, 2009  -  1:35 AM Reply with quote

Thank-you for the websites! May Allah Bless You For Spreading Knowledge of His Deen!


Posted - Sunday, July 19, 2009  -  3:30 PM Reply with quote
Dear hassam786;;;;;;; salam welcome to the young minds forum @ studying islam. more sites: Islamic Education for


and read/// Read "Quran for all" with us on this site.
Qur'an for All http://www.studying-islam.org/special.aspx Let this course be the first step for you to experience the Qur'an Introduction As Muslims, all of us possess a profound desire to understand the Qur’an. However, since the Qur’an is in Arabic most of us are unable to grasp its meanings. Learning Arabic of course may not be easy for everyone though it is highly recommended for all those who can. This course has been designed to facilitate direct understanding of the Qur’an for people who can read the Qur'an but who have no knowledge of Arabic. Methodology The course is primarily based on identifying certain portions of the vocabulary of the Qur’an and then using this vocabulary to translate and understand the Qur’anic verses. This vocabulary of the Qur’an, one should know, primarily consists of three basic components: the Noun, the Verb, the Particle. A colour scheme shall be followed in this course both in the Arabic text and the translated one. This is as follows: Nouns: Red Verbs: Black Particles: Blue A software has been developed on the basis of this methodology. Using the Software Step 1 Click Learn and the vocabulary of the verse/verse portion to be translated shall be displayed before you in the form of a Book Page. Step 2 Click on the meaning of an Arabic word found on the Book Page and then click to place it below the same Arabic word found in the table. This will place the meaning of the Arabic word below the word. A voice will pronounce the words. Repeat this procedure with all the words found in the Book Page. Step 3 The software will then automatically re-arrange the translated words in the same order as they occur in the verse/verse portion. The result in most cases would be a scrambled sentence. In some cases, the sentence would be already be meaningful, in which case just type it in the forth line. Step 4 If the result is a scrambled sentence, then use your common sense to make it meaningful by typing out in the third line what you think is the sense that is being conveyed. For this you can add words and/or re-arrange the words of the scrambled sentence. While unscrambling a sentence, always click the Previous button, which will display the translation of the previous verses. This will help you in unscrambling the sentence by keeping you in touch with the flow and context. In some verses/ verse portions, the Hint button will automatically appear activated, in which case click it to make use of the hint. Step 5 Once, you have made a meaningful translation, press the Save button. You will then be provided with one possible translation of the given verse/ verse portion so that you can compare your attempt with it. Go on to the next verse/ verse portion by clicking on the Right Arrow button. To come back to a previously solved verse/ verse portion just click the Left Arrow button. To re-attempt a previously solved verse/ verse portion go to that verse and click the Unsave button. System Requirements Hardware * Pentium® 100 MHz or higher microprocessor. * 32 MB RAM. * 25 MB Disk Space. * VGA 800x600 or higher-resolution screen supported by Microsoft Windows®. * Sound Card supported by Microsoft Windows®. * Speakers Software Either of the following: 1. Windows® 98 (English). 2. Windows® 2000 Professional 3. Windows® XP Professional How to Begin This software is available as a download to all our members. The link for download is located under Downloads section in Control Panel. If you are not a member, you can fill up the registration form given under Get Registered at the home page.

Edited by: khargoshjr on Sunday, July 19, 2009 5:54 PM

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