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Topic initiated on Monday, September 7, 2009  -  6:31 PM Topic is locked
Recipe Help for Ramadan

Hello everyone, being that i am new i thought i would ask, but my family and i are muslim and we are enjoying Ramadan this year.

I tasted this reciep the other day and now i want to make it.

I cant find it anywhere maybe one of you knows where or what it is and how to make it.

It had noodles, that looked like ramen noodles but werent i dont think cause i tried it with that and it wasnt the same, chicken, crushed nuts almonds i think, and powdered sugar on top.

I want to know what type of noodles those are and the seasoning for the dish thanks so much

Posted - Tuesday, September 8, 2009  -  5:22 PM 

........I want to know what type of noodles those are and the seasoning for the dish thanks so much
Was it a sweet dish or salty?

If I am not mistaken what you are refering to is 'Semiya'also known as 'Saviyya' and is made out of kneeded wheat flour. It is squeezed out through small holes into long threads and dried before packing. Some are sun dried and another variety is artificially dried.

These are then broken to required size and cooked in various ways like,

1. cooked in milk and ghee cashew nuts, almonds, raisins and dried dates with sugar to tase. This is called Shir Khurma.

2. Rodasted in ghee until red and sugar and dried fruits, cashew and almond bits added.

3. cooked in the same way as sl.#2, but instead of sugar salt is added.

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