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Topic initiated on Sunday, September 13, 2009  -  5:29 PM Topic is locked
Innovations During the Last Ten

ref: http://www.subulassalaam.com/articles/article.cfm?article_id=65

1) Specifying the last Jum’ah of Ramadaan with a specific prayer

2) Glorifying the last Thursday of Ramadaan

3) Anasheed bidding farewell to Ramadaan

4) The statement of the Khateeb in the last Jum'ah of Ramadaan: ‘Laa Awhash Allaah minka yaa Shahr Ramadaan.’

5) The innovation of memorizing specific things in the last Jum’ah of Ramadaan

6) The Gatherings on Laylatul Qadr, the selling of sweets and the mixing that takes place

7) Specifying the night of ‘Eed with Qiyaam

8) Constantly observing complete silence during ‘Itikaaf

for the Mashaayikh's responses to the aforementioned issues, refer to the following url:Text


Posted - Friday, September 18, 2009  -  8:27 AM 
These are the best days and nights to ask Allah for His forgiveness and protection from the hell fire. Ameen

Posted - Wednesday, September 1, 2010  -  3:47 PM 
The Fast Worship
by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
(Tr. by:Shehzad Saleem)

5. The pinnacle of the fast is the I‘tikāf. If a person is given this opportunity by God, he should seclude himself from the world for as many days as he can in a mosque to worship the Almighty and he should not leave the mosque except because of some compelling human need.

6. During I‘tikāf, a person is permitted to eat and drink during the night but he cannot have sexual intercourse with his wife. This has been prohibited by the Almighty.

"The Prophet’s way of observing I‘tikāf was to sit in a central mosque during the last ten days of the Ramadan. ‘Āi’shah (rta) narrates that a person who has sat for I‘tikāf should not go to visit the sick, nor participate in a funeral procession nor go near his wife nor go out of the mosque except for some compelling human need." (Bukhārī; No: 1921 / Muslim, No: 1171 / Abū Dā’ūd, No: 2473)

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