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Topic initiated on Sunday, February 7, 2010  -  10:56 AM Reply with quote
Afia siddiqi's Case

salam kaukab; kindly translate in urdu and fwd further to all ur contacts and media as 'n wen u find some moments~ jzk. m sure u all must be doing a lot already over the years but since the latest court hearing it needs one big push again with lots of prayers.

we all hv been signing petitions and passing messages on. Send 2 as many media contacts a.p. & fwd 2 as many contcts of urs

From: <serving.humanity@gmail.com>
To: <clare@pact.co.uk>
Cc: Serving Humanity<serving.humanity@gmail.com>
Subject: Dr.Afia Siddiqi's Case

Dear Clare

We request you to promote the news about the Pak-american Female Phd Dr Afia Siddiqi whom American Courts have accused of baseless crimes of terrorism and have recently given the verdict of 30 yrs or life time imprisonment. She is a mother of 3 and was kidnapped in very strange circumstances in 2003 while she was on a holiday in Pakistan from USA. Her very young children(youngest 6 months old who was on breast feed) were also kidnapped and separated from her. She disappeared for 5 years, some say in the American Torcher cells like Guantanama Bay. Later she was found in New york Prisons.

We think it's time that media came fwd and exposed such injustice on the part of USA

We believe that your renowned organization can help by organizing a programme on this issue.

Look fwd to hearing.

Team at

Posted - Monday, March 1, 2010  -  10:49 AM Reply with quote
Assalamo alaikum.Our prayersgo to sisters like Aafia and many others we don't know about and their families. May God save us from difficult tests in life.
The FBI, MFI and other Secret agencies must use their resources very very carefully in order to get the real Terrorists instead of being lazy and going by over heard information by whistle blowers. They must investigate fully before even getting near to any individual. It is the matter of human rights, not Muslim or Non- Muslim

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