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Topic initiated on Wednesday, February 24, 2010  -  5:44 PM Reply with quote
Free Notes Of General Surgery

Assalamu Alaikum,

During my studies of post graduation in “General Surgery” I made some notes of the subject from the different sources. I have composed some of them on my PC. List of the topics is as under:

1. Difference between direct and indirect inguinal hernia.
2. Difference between inguinal and femoral hernia.
3. Classification of the hydrocele.
4. Difference between primary and secondary hydrocele.
5. Difference between male and female breast cancer.
6. Difference between Paget’s disease of the nipple and eczema of the breast.
7. Principles of doing an anastomosis on the gut.
8. Difference between hand sewn and stapled gut anastomosis.
9. Difference between partial and complete rectal prolapse.
10. Difference between haemangioma and vascular malformation.
11. Difference between ileostomy and colostomy.
12. Difference between pre-hepatic, hepatic and post-hepatic jaundice.

Depending upon the time available, I will try to add more topics on the subject.

I wished to share this material to others. These common topics as such are hardly available anywhere. If any medical student, undergraduate or postgraduate, is interested to have any of the topics, may write me freely to my email address (dr.akhlaq@hotmail.com). I will send the topic for FREE via the email. There may be delay but I will do send as soon as I am online and open my email.

After going through the topic, you are requested please to do give the feedback and suggestions.

Dr. Akhlaq Hussain
MBBS, FCPS (General Surgery)
Consultant Surgeon

Edited by: drakhlaq on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 9:20 AM

Posted - Saturday, February 27, 2010  -  10:59 AM Reply with quote
salam drakhlaq. nice to see our old time members coming bacl
where hv u been.fm radio? as your email add. says.
thanku for the notes. am sure our dr. members in the subject will benefit

Posted - Monday, March 1, 2010  -  5:30 PM Reply with quote
Wa Alaikum Assalam,

Thank you very much sister for your nice response.

The email address drakhlaq@radio.fm is not specific to any Fm radio. It’s free like any other one. It was referred by one of my friends.

I have sent you a sample of the notes. Though it’s not your specialty you may give your comments and the suggestions.

Posted - Tuesday, March 2, 2010  -  9:10 AM Reply with quote
sure dr sb. thank u v. much for these. will pass on to the members who need it.
it will be great if u & your friends cud initiate something in multan to combat quakes in medicine as we keep hearing in news. how is the situation there? is it more in villages?

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