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Topic initiated on Tuesday, April 13, 2010  -  7:04 AM Reply with quote
Voice of God


Posted - Friday, December 24, 2010  -  2:19 AM Reply with quote
i dont know how you describing voice of God through your link, if u mean when we do something wrong and from inside we feel that " I AM WRONG", or if we do something good and feel nice, then its the voice of your soul, who already had promised with God that i will follow you, and if you talking about literal voice of God, then you are completely wrong, because God has sent his messenger and reveal his orders through his angels and put his words in the mouth of his messengers. Imagin if God speaks directly to us, then there is no need to send messengers or books, and there will be no existance of exam. if he is direct to every one, then every body can see clearly what is wrong and what is right, who is wrong and who is right, there will be no dispute of religion, but he gave us mind to think and book to follow only for the person who wants to follow. No force, nothing, i am not saying that he did not speak literaly to anybody, he does to Prophet Moses pbuh, but that was only special miracle for him, as he was prophet and he had that honour. In short, God created us the way we feel him in our heart. but he doesnt talk to us literaly in practical way with the normal human voice because if he does, then there is no test and exam, because he will put everybody on right path, and everyone will go to heaven, and there will be no dispute amongst religions. thx

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