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Topic initiated on Friday, August 27, 2010  -  11:50 AM Reply with quote
Just One Glance

I heard this one on Yusuf Estes' program, "Stories of the Prophets", and wanted to share it with any who had not heard it . . . .

. . . in talking to children about the proper way for non-related Muslim men and women to behave should they find themselves in close quarters (such as an elevator), he told this story about making excuses:

A young man from Saudi Arabia traveled to New York City, and was standing in Times Square with his friends. He stared, wide-eyed, at the women walking by, turning his head this way and that to follow their movements, looking from one woman to the next. His friends said after about five minutes, "You are a good Muslim, why do you stare like that?" and the young man said, "I once heard a story that a companion of Mohammed (pbuh) said that a man was allowed just once glance, and I have not blinked yet."

Brother Estes of course said that it was improper behavior, but I thought it was a cute story nonetheless. :)

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