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Topic initiated on Sunday, January 20, 2013  -  5:13 PM Reply with quote
module 1: lifespan of quranic verses

AOA. it is mentioned that there are some verses in Quran which were revealed on happening of a particular incident. For example, Surah Lahab .
My question is: what is life span of those verses? Are such verses still applicable; if so, how?
What was need to reveal such verses if those were to be time bond? Because, if we bind any verse of any Holy book to the time, all holiness goes and that verse becomes story like bible/toorah. what and how humankind of today can benefit from those verses of Quran which are period specific, since Quran is book of hidaya for entire mankind till qayama and not story book at all.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent 2 main kind of "wahe", hufi and matloo (correct me if i m wrong). so if this was the case, such time specific things could have been informed to him through hafi wahe (like some incidents of poisoning him) why Quranic revelation was chosen.
In my opinion, its our mis-interpretation when we say some verses were time specific. I think no verse of Quran is associated any where near time element (since it came from where there is no time). Its our failure to understand such verses. Another example of our failure is Surah Al-feel and Surah At-Tahreem.
I think Quran is such a diverse book that it addresses every era, at least for past 1400 years and has potential to address till day of judgement. so, how do we interpret Quran based on an era that has been past (based of 4/6/8/12 imam's interpretation) or start interpreting ourselves based on Quran + Hadith + Ijtihad and devise new methodology that could answer present day problems.
I seek Allah's forgiveness if I had made any mistake (in my thoughts & typing) while writing my question

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