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Topic initiated on Sunday, January 20, 2013  -  5:25 PM Reply with quote
Halal Chicken

1. What should be age of chicken before we can slaughter to eat?
2. How we ensure poultry feed is halal? Is it halal to feed poultry on waste of slaughtered chicken? in such a case , pig and chicken are'nt same? Some scholars say, live hen eats anything and even its own kind. is it nature or has it been perverted? if so since when? what was case before 100 years ago, i mean any Islamic text pertain to this?
3. What is ruling of Islam (as per Quran + Hadith) for modifying nature of animal. For example, today breeding chicken fast in 21 days which is otherwise un-natural.
4. Isnt current system based on greed rather demand-supply? having breeded naturally could have more jobs and better economy than current capitalistic economy (live stock may be one very small factor to current system of oppression). In my opinion, if we eat halal we think halal and we do righteous, which is not case otherwise. (there are some studies conducted in west on this, how food affects your thoughts and action)
I seek Allah's forgiveness if I have done any mistake while thinking or writing this.

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