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Topic initiated on Thursday, April 10, 2014  -  1:06 AM Reply with quote
Crucifixion of Jesus: Fact or Fiction?

Islam teaches that Jesus, pbuh, did not die on a cross but that he lived. Christianity teaches that he was crucified, died, and then resurrected. Muslims refer to the Holy Qur'an as proof of their belief. Christians refer to the Holy Bible as proof of their teaching. Both use the other groups book to discredit the other groups stand. A very simple question here. Without reference to any Holy Book, ours, theirs, or anyone's, is there sound historical proof either way? For example, are there historical references from uninterested third parties with no religious convictions either way (which might well discount the statement concerning the crucifixion by Josephus because, as a Jew, he might not be considered an uninterested party given that the Jews had rejected Christ, pbuh), at or near the time of Jesus, pbuh, ? Or is there archeological evidence, or any other sort of purely scientific evidence that stands apart from religious texts? Any thoughts, preferably with references that can be easily substantiated?

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