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Topic initiated on Thursday, February 25, 2016  -  10:46 PM Reply with quote
Module 1-Question 1

According to answer, the following verse

*And We have revealed the Qur’an piecemeal so that you may gradually recite it to people and We have diligently revealed it. (17:106)*

explains that the preacher should take into consideration the intellectual capacity of his addressees.

I think it is not true. It only explains that preacher should enlightens its audience gradually about Islam.

Please advice.

Posted - Sunday, December 31, 2017  -  4:58 AM Reply with quote
Assalamu Alaikum! As for a your question about the verse (17:106) is concerned you are 100% right that: preacher should enlightens its audience gradually about Islam.
saying gradually indicates that you are not suppose to impose all lesson at a time but you should consider the intellectual capacity of the audience. You should focused to preach with hikmah(wisdom).

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