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Topic initiated on Sunday, December 25, 2016  -  5:24 PM Reply with quote
How to Study Islam

Dear Everyone,
I am a 27 year old Muslim and Chartered Accountancy Student by profession. I have been following my religion up to 22nd of my age as and what i was taught at home and in madarsa. Then i had to shift to Islamabad, where i saw so many schools of thought in Islam. Every sect used to describe themselves the right people. I did some research for one year but due to lack of clear guidance I was lost in the middle of nowhere. From then onward I just quit the idea of following any religion although i am offering prayers and observe fasting but my soul is not yet at peace as i do it as other fellows do it. I went to study some books recommended by some scholar but they all represent the thoughts of writers and are biased in one way or the other.
One day i listened to Ghamidi and found him to be logical at least for me if not for all other people and mullas..
However, my main concern is to know and understand Islam. I need your guidance on how to do it. Which books should i study. You should assume that I am learning from scratch and do not know anything about Islam.

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