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Topic initiated on Saturday, May 2, 2020  -  3:26 PM Reply with quote
Test marking

Asalam o alaikum,
In the quiz results of my latest course, I noticed that in all the modules the last question was always marked as “not attempted “,wheras I did attempt and answered all the questions.Kindly address this problem,thanks.

Posted - Sunday, August 23, 2020  -  7:35 AM Reply with quote
salam aleikaum
as someone who takes multiple online islamic courses from a wide range of institutes and platforms, I can perhaps offer a little assistance. While I AM NOT A TECHIE OR IN ANY WAY A REPRESENTATIVE FOR STUDYING ISLAM, I just thought I might offer a tip. Always double check your exams and quizzes all the way through that there is a black filled in dot next to your answer or a typed in answer if it is a box where you have to type an answer. It is very common for people not meaning to, to accidentally double click their answer so that it no longer shows as being answered.
I hope that helps inshaa allah

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