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Posted - Sunday, August 1, 2004  -  1:28 PM Reply with quote
That is completely wrong!the men shouldn't even beat up the women.
if men beat up women tht is wrong aswell!it should be ther same for women aswell.

Posted - Sunday, August 1, 2004  -  1:38 PM Reply with quote
How could any1 eat up their husband!hahahahaaaaaaaa that is so pathetic!!hahahahaaaaaaaaa
its either one extreme or the other. either beat him or eat him ...
that is sooooooo ridiculous!

Posted - Sunday, August 1, 2004  -  1:46 PM Reply with quote
Textfunny,pathetic and wierd lol!!!

Posted - Sunday, August 1, 2004  -  1:56 PM Reply with quote
that is sooooooooo disgusting!ewwwwwwwwwwww!i think im gonna vomit any moment now!eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwweeeeeeweweewewewewewewEWEWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
{the now going 2 be sick}fatimA

Posted - Monday, August 2, 2004  -  2:58 PM Reply with quote
tere must have been a reason as to why she cookd and ate her husband.
there is no way a woman in her right mind would do that. Astaghfirullah i pray for our world's saviour if people are doing icky stuf llike tha...

well i had asked if there were any people being beaten by their wives... not eaten... :S

Posted - Tuesday, August 3, 2004  -  5:19 AM Reply with quote
Dear xxbasxx

If you refer to the crime branch of any country you could easily find out cases pending with the police, as well as in the courts with regard to the criminal activities of wives with their husbands.

There are several cases go without reporting. Most of the wife-beating cases first start with the husband-beating then take ugly turns to become a court case and then divorce.

If I get such reports, I will be pleased to post them. For the time being, what I had, I posted here.

In Western countries, there were cases reported to the police by men, saying that they were raped on gun-point by a couple of ladies.

Peace & Unbeaten Smiles


Posted - Thursday, August 5, 2004  -  6:43 PM Reply with quote
i stil think its very rong 4 any violance in a family relationship.
im sorry but how many of us thot that wives beating theier husbands is ridiculous?
i just hope that we can let our children live in an environment wher wife beating is just as ridiculous
its a sad sad world ya'll...
any thoughts on child beating? is that alright?? :S

Posted - Friday, August 6, 2004  -  6:23 PM Reply with quote
this ayah that u hav given
in surah 4
wher it apparently gives the ryt 4 HUSBANDS 2 beat their wives and refuse 2 sleep in the same bed with them if they do rong bla bla
i red that ayah
and it looks 2 me as if uve interpreted it incorrectly
no disrespect
but it has been made out 2 both genders
if a husband drinks gambles and takes blood money
then it gives the right 2 a wife 2 beat her husband
or vise versa
they r both ther 2 disiplin each OTHER
1 is not ment 2 hold the stik above the hed of the other
i mean
if i AM rong
ther R certain surahs in the quran that r duas 4 muslims 2 make 4 their parents
1 in particular goes
"oh Allah care 4 my parents as they did bring me up wen i was young"
does this mean that the Quran or that spacific sura is only meant 2 b red by adults?

Edited by: tweety on Friday, August 06, 2004 8:08 PM

Posted - Wednesday, August 25, 2004  -  7:20 AM Reply with quote
For detailed reply ps

May 2000 issue
doc.right to beat wives by ssaleem monthly renaissance

Posted - Thursday, October 7, 2004  -  7:33 PM Reply with quote
with the name of allah
alsalam alkum

as a women,i think; that this verse relies upon other influences. what i mean is: it can't be accepted as a statement that stands alone in how to understand what it means. it must be connected to be able to stand. why? find me a women that will agree that a man can beat her, or even, make the sujection to hit her and she will except that. even children don't except a parent hitting them. and this is something to think about. a man can not treat his wife as thou she is his child. furturmore, can a man be subjected to the same punishment from the wife?

Posted - Friday, October 22, 2004  -  4:31 AM Reply with quote
Assalamualaikum,Her place is not on our head,where she steps on it,nor does she belong at our feet where we step on her, But she is in our ribs,to be by our side.

Edited by: khaleq on Friday, October 22, 2004 4:41 AM

Posted - Saturday, November 19, 2005  -  12:25 AM Reply with quote

"Either retain them in kindness
or release them in kindness.
Do not retain them in order to hurt

Quran: 2:231


"Re: Can we discover new meaning
in the words used in the Qur'an"

Can we contradict the above Quran
verse (2:231)?

Why choose only this verse 4:34 to
mean "beat" for daraba and not
all the rest?

Daraba has many meanings.
Allah Almighty also used the
word "darabtum", which is
derived from the word "daraba"
in Noble Verse 4:94, which mean
to "go abroad" in the sake of
Allah Almighty:

"O ye who believe! When ye
go abroad (darabtum)
In the cause of Allah, Investigate
carefully, And say not to anyone
who offers you a salutation:
'Thou art none of a Believer!'
Coveting the perishable good Of
this life: with Allah Are profits
and spoils abundant. Even thus
were ye yourselves Before, till
Allah conferred On you His
favours: therefore Carefully investigate.
For Allah is well
aware Of all that ye do.
(The Noble Quran, 4:94)"

So "daraba" here can literally means to "go abroad",
or "give" but not in the sense
to give something by hand, but
rather to give or provide an example.

In this case is it right to
change the meaning of Daraba
here and bring out a new meaning of 'beat'?
How about all the
other verses?

In fact could it not be that men
have abused this verse and changed
the meaning to mean only "beat" in
relation to women in 4:34 in order
to subjugate women? As it was never
the practice of the Prophet to beat
his wives or other women.
He never commanded men to beat, tap,
humiliate or abuse their wives.
In fact he is reported to
have clearly said NOT to beat women.

This hadith clearly contradicts
beating: "How does anyone of you beat
his wife as he beats the stallion camel
and then embrace (sleep with) her?
”Al-Bukhari, English Translation, vol.
8, Hadith 68, pp. 42-43.

Other traditions in Abu Da'ud, Nasa'i,
Ibn Majah, Ahmad bin Hanbal and others,
to the effect that he forbade the
beating of any woman, saying: "Never
beat God's handmaidens"
said "Some (women) visited my family
complaining about their husbands
(beating them). These (husbands) are
not the best of you."

Allah swt also never commanded men to
beat their women. On the contarary,
Allah swt says those men who abuse
their wives, such men have wronged
their souls.

"When ye divorce women, and they
fulfil the term of their ('Iddat),
either take them back on equitable
terms or set them free on equitable
terms; but do not take them back
to injure them,
(or) to take
undue advantage; if any one does that
he has wronged his own soul
Do not treat Allah's Signs as a jest,
but solemnly rehearse Allah's favours
on you, and the fact that He sent
down to you the Book and Wisdom, for
your instruction. And fear Allah, and
know that Allah is well acquainted
with all things. (2:231)

The Quran is clear on this issue.

Wife beating or abuse is not permitted
in Islam.


See also articles:

Wife-Beating is Not Allowed in Islam

Islam & Sexual Equality By Asghar Ali Engineer.

Posted - Saturday, November 26, 2005  -  3:41 PM Reply with quote
i think this is a really sensitive topic and especialy in traditionalist islamic countries wher tradition and culture has a lot to do with influencing religion and the way a child is brought up- men grow up thnkin they have hte upper hand over women
this is rong
and the quran has specificly sed that altho the man has the position in the family to take responsibility of the family
teh actual arabic word used in that ayah *which il add here soon i cnt remember it off the top of my head SORRY!!* states that the man has the responsible position of the head of the family but nt 2 make him rule over the family
the word responsible means u cnt abuse ur rights
and in hte case of beating and disapining anyone- b it husband wife or child- no1 in the family shud abuse this ryt- which is y God has layed the situation in which as a last resort one can use hitting in a minimum respectable way to control either husband wife or child
bt these rules r very specific and hitting is the absalute last resort- after all other means of solving hte problem has bn exhausted- which is y God says before hand sleep in seperate beds etc b4 doing anything related to violence
hope that makes sense

Posted - Saturday, November 26, 2005  -  7:41 PM Reply with quote
u said…………. Can we contradict the above Quran verse (2:231)? Why choose only this verse 4:34 to mean "beat" for daraba and not all the rest?

another contradictory staement of quraan

Posted - Sunday, November 27, 2005  -  2:58 PM Reply with quote
hu r u quoting? and wat do u mean....

Edited by: ibrahim on Monday, November 28, 2005 6:22 AM

Posted - Monday, November 28, 2005  -  7:18 PM Reply with quote
you said implies whoever gives the statement

you said……. teh actual arabic word used in that ayah *which il add here soon i cnt remember it off the top of my head SORRY!!* states that the man has the responsible position of the head of the family but nt 2 make him rule over the family.

why do the clever women amphasise on their rights not the duties or the responsbilities which they try impose on their husbands?

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