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Naheed Akhtar

Topic initiated on Saturday, March 20, 2004  -  3:45 AM Reply with quote
Achieving high Marks in courses


May God reward you all for your website.
we are afraid that when we attempt courses only very high scorers are recognized. that mmean that we have to study really hard.it is looking very difficult with little children and job and so many matters. I think every student should be treated similarly. whoever has tried. God knows the best.I feel it is not very polite and fair.
Thank-you very much for your attention and for registering me. All sections of your website are looking good but i hardly get time for internet. Our children are using all the time.
Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Saturday, March 20, 2004  -  11:42 AM Reply with quote
Yes, every student should be treated equally. Do you have any suggestions to forward to us? God bless you too.

Posted - Sunday, March 21, 2004  -  5:42 AM Reply with quote
I have to disagree with brother Naheed.I think it is very much fair to have a test after each module of the course, so we will be able to check the knowledge learned and also this is giving us stimul to study more next time! Most of us have kids and a lot of responsibilities but I think if we wish something with all our heart and ask for Allah s help we can do it. Good look to all my sisters and brothers looking for their true religion.
And thanks for the owners of the wonderful web site. May Allah reward you! keep the good work!

Posted - Sunday, March 21, 2004  -  8:28 PM Reply with quote
i know what sr naheed mentioned as she is from my local studying Islam circle but unfortunately unable to use internet regularly
this point came up from a few local members while discussing journal matters re: website

she did not mean not to take test, what she meant was announcing of results of test to all members;
(onre suggestion was that even failures names shud b there as atleast they attempted and tried; i'm not sure about this suggestion though!)
as high scorers/achievers were mentioned lately
so others may feel discouraged
the joint suggestion was that either names of all participants who attempted a course should b announced, without scores being revealed, or none announced at all as low scorers may b discouraged

b/c we r not at school/college level now and people take time out from their v. busy lives to study at this stage
i hv reassured them that the point has been noted and will reach the relevant personnel insha'Allah

however we all must keep in mind and ask Allah to keep our intentions pure
our aim is to hv the knowledge of Islam to lead us to the Paradise as the Prophet sws said,
for one who treads the path of knowledge, the path of Paradise is made easy(Tirmizi, Musnad Ahmad)
more of us need to come to these courses


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