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Topic initiated on Monday, April 26, 2004  -  9:19 PM Reply with quote
Climbed The Roof Top


this happened to our colleague's known one, sad but interesting

she comes from a small village in a remote country
she asked her neighbour who had telephone at home that she wud call every now and then to check all was well at home
when she called after a few weeks she was shocked to know that her dear cat was dead
she told her neighbour it was not v. nice to tell her straightaway like this; she shud rather hv said something e.g that the cat had climbed the roof top, then in her next call gradually; like it had fallen off the roof and finally that it had died
the neighbour apologised

when she called again after a while the neighbour reported,
"your mum has climbed the roof top------"

NB:i was having grumbles in stomach to share this with u all, and then i also thought u all deserved some smiles after hard work.
(don't forget to pray for the demised and the family though, pls.)
however if the admin thinks this website is not suitable for jokes like this or i'm introducing something they wud not like to continue, they can pls delete this;
otherwise i wud invite forum mates to add decent jokes off and on as our beloved sws and his companions were known to share such smiles within laid limits.
i'm sure this will not divert us from our courses and other work we all r doing on this web, insha'Allah, and wud rather work as healthy refreshment
(dr. kamran, pls do send that "dollars" and "no" joke u sent recently pls.)


Edited by: hkhan on Saturday, May 08, 2004 11:06 PM

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