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Topic initiated on Sunday, May 16, 2004  -  6:37 PM Reply with quote
Born to die!

One day, for one some reason or another, Mullah Nasruddin goes around to his friend Ahmed's house and asks if he can borrow a pot for a day or two. His neighbour knowing Mullah Nasruddin is reluctant, but eventually agrees as they've been close friends for many years.

The very next day, Mullah Nasruddin returns two pots and explains to the over-delighted Ahmed that the first pot gave birth to the second pot.

A week later, Mullah Nasruddin asks Ahmed if he can borrow two pots. Ahmed immediately agrees – for the obvious reason.

But to Ahmed's dismay, Mullah Nasruddin never returns the pots, so he asks Mullah Nasruddin if he can have his pots back, but the Mullah Nasruddin explains that tragically both pots have died.

Ahmed is incensed. "How can a pot die?" he demands.

"You believed it when a pot gave birth," said Mullah Nasruddin. "Why should you not believe that a pot dies?"

Posted - Friday, June 4, 2004  -  3:57 AM Reply with quote

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