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Topic initiated on Tuesday, May 25, 2004  -  5:16 PM Reply with quote
How 2 make somebody glad?

Once a teacher was telling
the importance of making people glad and advised his students that one should try and make people happyas much as one can...
Next day after entering the class room first question he asked was : "Did any body made somebody glad??
the teacher was very disoppointed to see his bigger students were silient and were looking at eachother sheeply, suddenly he saw a lil fellow jumping up n down hands up in the air, teacher looked at bigger students very proudly and pointed at lil fellow and said to bigger students: you should be ashamed of yourself look at Jahangir he is so lil and yet he has made somebody glad,,, okay,, Jahangir, stand up and tell your story, The lil fellow stud up and glanced proudly at bigger studends and said : Sir ,, yesterday i went to see my grandma and spent foure hours with her and when i said: ; Grandma I am going home, she said:" I am glad to hear that"... he he heeeeee.

Posted - Friday, June 4, 2004  -  3:55 AM Reply with quote
lol thats hilarious!

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