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Topic initiated on Friday, June 4, 2004  -  4:10 AM Reply with quote
patato patato!

three men (an english irish and scotish) were trying to escape from a german prison camp.

they didn't get as far as they had hope when they saw the grermans coming up bhind them. lukily they found 3 saks near them. they quikly hid in the saks b4 the germans caught sight of them

as the general drew closer he pulled out his sword. he poked the 1st bag sak containin the english man with his sword and in responce 2 dis the english man sed meow meow
the general sed dats my cat n moved on 2 da next sak
he stuk his sword lightly in the sak containin the scotish man hu in return sed
woof woof
thats my dog thought the general and moved on 2 the last sak
wen he poked the irish man with his sword the irish man tryin 2 b as clever as his frends sed
patato patato

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