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Topic initiated on Friday, June 4, 2004  -  4:17 AM Reply with quote

3 men (english irish and scottish)were trying to escape from prison. they were caught and lined up to be shot.

the english man went first. the exicutioner asked ANY LAST WORDS? the english man looked over the exicutioners shoulders and yelled AVALANCHE!!

the soldiers and the exicutioner ran away and the englishman escaped.

the scottishman went next and when askd ANY LAST WORDS? he looked over the exicutioners shoulder and yelled OH MY GOD!! FLOODD!!! the soldiers ran away and the scottishman escaped.

the irishman walked up to the exicutioner and, wen asked, ANY LAST WORDS?? he didn't want to be left out so he yelled


Posted - Saturday, June 5, 2004  -  11:06 AM Reply with quote
ha ha ha!!!!
poor guy!!

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