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Topic initiated on Saturday, June 5, 2004  -  10:22 PM Reply with quote
Death Certificate!!!

A problem emerged in a hospital when in intensive care unit every day a patient of a particular bed died at exactly 11.am. When it happened repeatedly, the ward staff involved administration. Cause of death remained unknown in every case despite postmortum except routine cardio-pulmonary failure.
Finally the hospital administration decided to involve chaplaincy thinking there could be a spiritual factor involved.
They all collected to see what happened when the chaplain would try to discover the reason one day at 11 am.
As everyone waited anxiously behind the curtains, exactly at 11am the door opened, the hospital cleaner entered whistling, pulled off the ventilator plug at bed no. 1, connected the hoover there and started hoovering!!!

Dr.Bismeen Jadoon UK

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