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Jhangeer Hanif

Topic initiated on Tuesday, August 17, 2004  -  6:43 AM Reply with quote
Abuse of Internet


I want to draw your attention to a very serious issue, i.e., the misuse of Internet. The youth of Pakistan is getting distracted. The prohibited sites are in abundance having vulgar literature and pictures. It is not really possible to have a constant check on kids and their activities
on Internet. But it is virtually possible to filter out such sites on countrywide scale as there is no positive aspect regarding such low level dirty sites. So why don’t concerned authorities take practical step to save the brains and to avoid such sickness.

Currently only one ISP is filtering out these prohibited sites in Pakistan but it is not enough as rest of the ISPs have no censor policy and the purpose is not yet fulfilled. Only PTCL can take this positive step on countrywide scale to save our youth from distracting, because if this ponsibility is left on ISPs alone, it will never work out because of their own interests.

I don’t know how and where I could convey this very message so I would
request to help me by conveying this message to the right authorities and right forums so that it may workout. Its’ not at all just an issue to debate on but its’ the need of time and it has to be implemented on urgent bases and only we people may take an active
part in this regard by raising our forceful voice as a tiny pebble may create many co-centric circles on the surface of stagnant water. Thanks and Regards

The message sent to me by: wajiha_10@hotmail.com


Posted - Tuesday, August 17, 2004  -  11:00 AM Reply with quote

thankyou for bringing up such an important issue dear sender

besides struggling to get rid of this evil we would equally need to promote alternatives for our youth as they have time and energy which needs to be channelized.
they are like growing and spreading wall creeper plants which requires guidance to the wall by supporting them with a string to grow in that direction

do encourage children n teenagers to visit and register on our
Young Minds Forum


Posted - Tuesday, August 17, 2004  -  3:01 PM Reply with quote
exactly ms khan, we need alternatives. we need to progress not like handicapped ppl blockin ery thing which we cant handle. have u ever heared of yahooligans for kids of western kids who r not allowed to browse internet openly by their parents. cant we come with such things.
We shud never give an open hand to some ISP to filtrer internet so that they can block watever they like. Its against individual rights.
n u can use a huge amount of softwares to block those site on ur own pc. y dont u do that.

Edited by: gohar on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 3:11 PM

Posted - Tuesday, August 17, 2004  -  3:52 PM Reply with quote
Brother gohar has given a very good suggestion but in our part of the world most of the parents didn't even know how to operate the computers.

I think right now what parents can do is they should place the computer in some common room instead of placing it in the children's room where they can monitor the child at any time, even when doing their work. If the computer is placed at some common place and specially the monitor screen facing towards the room ( not towards a wall ) children must have some fear that if they go to some prohibited site their parents can see.

This is the first step which parents should do until there is some step taken by the authorities.

Secondly, we should promote some useful sites to the children so that they can visit those sites in their free time. These sites can be of any nature like Islam, sports, children interest, useful discussion forums etc. In this aspect i think our schools can provide a lot of help instead of blocking internet in the schools.

Posted - Wednesday, August 18, 2004  -  6:47 AM Reply with quote
Besides all these things We also need to Educate our children in this regard & We should Remind them again & again about What is Right? & What is Wrong? Moreover, We should also Remind them that Our God Knows Every thing & We'll be punished if we'll do Sins & We'll Not be rewarded with a Place in the Heaven.

Posted - Thursday, August 19, 2004  -  6:19 PM Reply with quote

Brother Jhangeer, you have raised a very good and important issue, no doubt , the vulger and bad sites on internet are causing great harm to our generation especially to teenagers.
I do agree with you that PTCL should take an initiate and should work with the ISPs in Pakistan to reduce the access of users to these negative sites.
I think this special issue should be directly forwarded to the Ministry of Science and Technology in Pakistan which according to my knowledge could take strong steps in saving the brains of young children and they should design a censor policy for the ISPs.


Posted - Monday, August 23, 2004  -  11:16 AM Reply with quote
Salamun aleikum

Thank you very much for starting this debate which I suffer from....

Indeed, the internet is the world's biggest imtihan for ourselves.To protect from the bad aspects of internet sometimes gets very hard..
To stay alone the Satan does everything to you...
Such these internet forums, and activities of muslims can protect us from doing bad things I think..

As a brother mentioned that we have to find solutions and show alternatives both for us and the people who use internet widely all around the world..
To keep in halal and not go to dangerous places is possible to find these muslim friends and islamic sites..

It is my idea..
Thanks again...

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