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Topic initiated on Thursday, August 19, 2004  -  6:35 PM Reply with quote

Assalam o alykum,
hope u r all fine by the grace of Almighty Allah ...
with so many sects in islam what do u think should be our main job ? and how should any one select a right path i mean sect ? how would he know that he is on the right path ....
plz comment

Posted - Thursday, August 19, 2004  -  7:16 PM Reply with quote

Brother i would recommand you not to follow any perticular sect since all the sects claim to follow the teachings of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh).If you really want to have a clear and unbiased understanding of Islam,then interact with non-secterian Scholars who dont have any link with any religious or political organization.
According to my understanding only non-secterian and moderate Islamic Scholars can give you an unbiased and clear explanation of Islam.


Posted - Friday, August 20, 2004  -  4:26 PM Reply with quote
I say just follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Just don't label yourself as anything. Because the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said that before the day of judgement there would spring up 73 different sects of Islam and all of them would be sent to hell except for one. That is the one he and his companions are following. If anyone asks you what you are say your a Muslim. After that if they ask you to be more specific as to what kind of Muslim you are then just tell them that you make no distinction between any sect, and that you are following the path of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Posted - Saturday, August 21, 2004  -  11:38 AM Reply with quote
Assalam o alykum,
u r right but this is for us who have studied Quran adn know its reality adn meaning but for those who have no background of religion wanna know that how can they choose the right path as there r soo many sects and everyone calls himself right .. so when and if they want to study religion where should they go ??????
i have been asked this question many times that what to do ?????/

Posted - Saturday, August 21, 2004  -  5:54 PM Reply with quote
One basic thing needs to be understood: Human intellect, you would agree,
has its own limitations. It can falter and err and of course be different in
different scholars. Hence the different interpretations of certain directives
of Islam are but a natural outcome of this premise. In this regard, the real
thing is the arguments which are presented in support of a viewpoint. A person
is required to weigh these arguments in the scales of sense and reason and decide
which one appeals to his intellect the most. He should adopt that particular
viewpoint, since he would be held accountable according to his own understanding
of religion.

Furthermore, no one is guided by divine revelation after the termination of the
institution of Prophethood with the departure of Muhammad (sws) and it is his
or her judgement which must be exercised. Therefore, no one can be certain whether
he has attained the absolute truth or not. He must keep his eyes and ears open
to criticism and cling to whatever he thinks to be the truth till he has reason
to abandon it and accept a new premise as truth. Moreover, in adopting or forming
an opinion in religious matters, the real thing is sincerity of judgement. As
long as a person is sincere in exercising his judgement, it does not matter what
conclusion is reached. As the Prophet of Allah has put it: a person who strives
to form an opinion can reach the right conclusion and he can also reach the wrong
one; if he reaches the right conclusion he will be rewarded twice in magnitude
and if he is lead to the wrong conclusion he shall still be rewarded though of
single magnitude. This shows that the real thing in this regard is the sincerity
of effort put in.

Studying Islam

Posted - Sunday, August 22, 2004  -  11:13 AM Reply with quote
What do you do when you do shopping,buy something,select something,partake of some thing?.Do you take up anything offered to you? Do you lap up every thing proffered to you?Don,t you go through much labour and hassle to select even a small item?The more valuable a thing is,the more trouble we take to select it.Even in a lunda bazaar,buying worthless old clothes,we see people rummaging through piles of clothes,arguing with the venders over trifling details!If we value truth,we must knock every door,go to every nook and cranny,exert our all efforts to find out the truth and if one is sincere Allah does reward his efforts and he finds the truth swinging open his doors of heart and mind.Allah has promised that He will definetly show His ways to those people who exert their efforts in His way!Allah values the struggle ,not the results.we must squeeze out every iota of our strength in the search of the truth and leave the results to Allah.In our quest of the Truth,we must be mindful of the subways,the pitfalls which can derails us!We should rush to Allah whenever He beckons to us,when He knocks at the doors of our hearts,if we can,t run we should walk,limpingly it might be,and if can.t limp to Him,then we must crawl but go we must to Him,There is no refuge other than Him,no rock(samad)to shelter against save Allah.And if we exert All our efforts,then we woul see Him,the Mercy abundant,mercy eternal,with His open embrace,smiling to us!Allah demands struggle,efforts,search,no matter in the lap of which sect we land!

Edited by: aslam on Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:16 AM

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