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Posted - Thursday, December 8, 2005  -  11:33 AM Reply with quote
We welcome Bilal to Students', Fahad to I.T.,faisal to islamic researchers' and sajeda to teachers' community.

assalamu alaykum and hope you will be happy with us
ps details on Lend A Hand pg 1.

Posted - Tuesday, December 20, 2005  -  8:26 PM Reply with quote
Assalamu Alaykum!

I am already a member of Studying Islam & I would like to join the Project Community

Warm Regards,


Asslamu Alaikum.

This is indeed a good effort to bring the Muslim minds together. I am eager to join he Communities@Studying Islam Project.

Thanks and regards,


My Dear Henna,

It is very important that we involve our community in
progressive dialogue that leads to peace and

Keep up the good work and my best regards to all.

I am now busy in my council elections and am the first
muslim candidate in British History from here. Pl pray
all goes well

Warm regards,

Posted - Wednesday, December 21, 2005  -  9:56 AM Reply with quote
Salaam everyone!!!

My name is Faraz and my company is KiwiNET. I am a new I.T. solutions business in the U.K. and am looking to take on Web design, software or hardware work (if local) from anyone needing some doing for them. My rates are negotiable and competitive, projects estimates and analysis are FREE. My competences are:




    Some Java


    Visual Basic 6

    Hardware Troubleshoting, Upgrading & Networking


And I have access to plenty on-line resources to help me along with

Also, I am looking to increase my team with human resources who at least match my skills as above if not better them. If there are any of you in the U.K. who like me (a one-man band) are starting out in the I.T. market but need some help in numbers or expertise of the
market, I propose that we arrange to work together to form a team and support group to find customers and projects, then delegate out to each other work according to our skills. It would be a help if some of you had an extensive understanding of the I.T. market to advise us on our course of actions, etc.

I look forward to hearing form you, and working with you.

F. Haroon
+44 (0)7811 818756

Posted - Thursday, December 22, 2005  -  9:08 AM Reply with quote
Welcome to the forum and community. I would add you into the IT community if you would like.
As for your team, as I don't live in UK, how about out-sourcing?
My skills: almost complete .NET package (major C#.NET and Asp.NET, Java, Mobile applications(J2ME and .NET compact framework) php, sql, Oracle.


Edited by: roswell on Thursday, December 22, 2005 9:38 AM

Posted - Saturday, December 24, 2005  -  11:49 AM Reply with quote
Salaam alaikum Roswell, I am well geared for remote working and freelancing. Any work you require me to do, I'm the man for it. Any work I require you to do, you seem the person for it. I am looking for some work, also to increase my team. Could you leave your details so I can add you to the list?

Posted - Saturday, December 24, 2005  -  3:54 PM Reply with quote
I'll email you my CV. Thanks very much

Posted - Sunday, January 1, 2006  -  8:54 PM Reply with quote
plz could you guys also check for the young lad zain what could be suitable for him. his cv is in the cv forum. he wants to help his family while studying..

Posted - Wednesday, January 11, 2006  -  2:33 PM Reply with quote
Eid Mubarak to all the members and visitors, with lots of dua's for the ones who have lost lives, homes, love and much much more.

Besides remembering and trying to help them, we ought to pay extra thanks to God for blessing us as indeed we did nothing better to deserve anything better

Posted - Sunday, January 15, 2006  -  12:13 AM Reply with quote

a post in marketing
plz contact

Sarah Gardner

Research Consultant

Henley Research International Limited

Tel: (0044 1564) 784533

Email: sarah@henleyresearch.com

Posted - Wednesday, January 18, 2006  -  6:53 AM Reply with quote
Assalamu alaikum WRB...
We welcome the following members to our ENGINEERS's community:
Shahul Hameed from Kuwait, E-mail: shahameed@gmail.com
Thet Hlaing from Myanmar, Email : thethlaing@mail4u.com.mm
(Included /more details on page1)
Er. Ajmal

Posted - Tuesday, February 21, 2006  -  8:55 PM Reply with quote
Assalamu Alaikum

Just to let you know that Muhammad Riaz has joined the Students Community..

he will hopefully say something about himself underneath this message because erm I can harly tell you about myself, let alone someone else...


Posted - Thursday, February 23, 2006  -  10:03 PM Reply with quote
Welcome Dear Ryaz and Fayyaz

Hv added Riaz's and Fayyaz's names. Plz confirm grades/subjects s that i cn write

also i take this opportunity to mention that bilal is coordinating for the students community.students plz keep us updated on forums with your achievements in your area of studies, updates, etc.


Students @ Studying Islam

Abdulah Shah abdullahshah486@hotmail.com (Pak) Year 11

Abdul Kareem (Pak) karim_ist@yahoo.com (Islamic Culture)

Aftab aftabm786@hotmail.com AlAzhar Uni. Egypt

A.Saqib twitee135@aol.com (Year 10 updated yr 12)

B.Saqib Smiles269@aol.com (Year 8. updated: yr 10 )

Bilal Sahib bilal_1@hotmail.co.uk (year 10)

Faiza Sheikh faizasheikh@hotmail.com MBA (Teaching sub Maths)

Farhan Khan farhan_bsb@yahoo.com I.T.

Farzeen Malik nasda159@aol.com, malixawan@hotmail.com A levels (updated:Uni)I.T.

Fayyaz Hassan zayaf_786@yahoo.com

Hanifa mahdi hanifa333@yahoo.com

Henna Akhtar hennaa_2003@yahoo.dk (medical)

Hischam Khan Hischam_Khan@hotmail.com (A Levels)

Ibrahim Shehzad ibrahim_manu@hotmail.com (Year 8)

J.Honesty J_Honesty@yahoo.com Canada

Mary Krapf muslim_mary@hotmail.com (Dental medical student)

Maryam Taufeeq graffitti_86@hotmail.com

Mizanur UK miz_da_man2004@hotmail.com

Muhammad Riaz bahrulwaqt@yahoo.com

Namra Malik UK Year 11

R.Mian chillin_out247@hotmail.com (Year 8)

Shahzad Javid shaz5050@hotmail.com (Medicine)

Shopna shopnaj@yahoo.co.uk (Lab Technician)

S.Mian ifuwereme24_7@hotmail.com (Year 9)

Usman puliking_usman@rediffmail.com (research student in wireless communications and telecom engineering. Glasgow.)

Posted - Monday, June 12, 2006  -  7:22 PM Reply with quote
We welcome Naqeeb Hamid naqibhamid@yahoo.com to the Writers and Researchers' community.
He is a student of the Punjab University - Department of Arabic. He has directed a few projects on religion, society and politics for television media. His recent article can be seen on our home page "Signals from the DaVinci Code"

Posted - Saturday, July 15, 2006  -  12:05 PM Reply with quote
For recent updates plz see our sister sitewww.serving-humanity.net
Members are joining through the Serving Humanity site now.
However we will be using some of the forums on Studying Islam site as forums have not been setup on the Serving Humanity site yet.

Posted - Sunday, February 18, 2007  -  11:42 PM Reply with quote
With thnx to A.L. Khan

Human Rights and Justice in Islam

Islam provides many human rights for the individual. The following are some of these human rights that Islam protects.

The life and property of all citizens in an Islamic state are considered sacred, whether a person is Muslim or not. Islam also protects honor. So, in Islam, insulting others or making fun of them is not allowed. The Prophet Muhammad said: {Truly your blood, your property, and your honor are inviolable.}1

Racism is not allowed in Islam, for the Quran speaks of human equality in the following terms:

O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female and have made you into nations and tribes for you to know one another. Truly, the noblest of you with God is the most pious.2 Truly, God is All-Knowing, All-Aware. (Quran, 49:13)

Islam rejects certain individuals or nations being favored because of their wealth, power, or race. God created human beings as equals who are to be distinguished from each other only on the basis of their faith and piety. The Prophet Muhammad said: {O people! Your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one. An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a red (i.e. white tinged with red) person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a red person,3 except in piety.}4

One of the major problems facing mankind today is racism. The developed world can send a man to the moon but cannot stop man from hating and fighting his fellow man. Ever since the days of the Prophet Muhammad , Islam has provided a vivid example of how racism can be ended. The annual pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah shows the real Islamic brotherhood of all races and nations, when about two million Muslims from all over the world come to Makkah to perform the pilgrimage.

Islam is a religion of justice. God has said:

Truly God commands you to give back trusts to those to whom they are due, and when you judge between people, to judge with justice.... (Quran, 4:58)

And He has said:

...And act justly. Truly, God loves those who are just. (Quran, 49:9)

We should even be just with those who we hate, as God has said:

...And let not the hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety.... (Quran, 5:8)

The Prophet Muhammad said: {People, beware of injustice,5 for injustice shall be darkness on the Day of Judgment.}6

And those who have not gotten their rights (i.e. what they have a just claim to) in this life will receive them on the Day of Judgment, as the Prophet said: {On the Day of Judgment, rights will be given to those to whom they are due (and wrongs will be redressed)...}7

Posted - Sunday, March 4, 2007  -  12:51 PM Reply with quote
I am Sumeera Dhammy,currently doing BBA(Hons).i want to joing Students @ Studying Islam.

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