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Topic initiated on Monday, October 11, 2004  -  8:56 AM Reply with quote
Humble request for your kind help

Respected and Honorable Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Respected Brother,

Assalam-u-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

Sir, Please do not neglect this mail as I am requesting you individually, please see the need and with helplessness I am humbly requesting you. Sir, Even I can not contact you through terrestrial mails or airmails because it cost more and i can not affored the cost. Sir since this Internet medium is very easy to reach all muslim brothers and sisters with less cost I am using the cyber medium to reach your kindself. Kindly accept this as a personnel requested and I am at your threshold and door step. Kindly help me. Sir I am in very very bad situation and difficulties. I humbly request to my Muslim Brothers and Sisters for their holy Help. I request your kindselves to help me with your kind contributions and consider me for your feavourable help. I also request you kindly and humbly to pray for me in your prayers and remember me in your Duva.

I am Anis Ahmed Shariff Son of Rahmathulla Shariff. My Father Rahmathulla Shariff is a blind person. I am having one sister. Sir, I am below average in the income group and my income is not even sufficient to meet the living expenditure and I will have to support my sisters family too. Sir, Due to my mothers old age Health probelms, I had to meet lot of expenditure on medicine and her hospitalisation for which I had taken a loan of Rs. 2,50,000=00 from the bank. Sir, the interest rate so high (18 %) I could not even pay the interest. Sir, under the above circumstances, I am very much in trouble and I request you humblly to kindly help me to pay off the bank loan which I have taken for a reasonable and sincere cause. I request you to kindly help me what ever possible from your side so that, it will help me to clear my bank loan. I hope your kind self will do me this feavour by helping me with what ever possible amount.

Please treat this as a sincere and personnel request. I will remember through out my life. Please do not neglect this mail as I am requesting you individualy, please see the need and with helplessness I am humbly requesting you. Sir If you are helping me, please send your help through a certified cheque. I will be greatfull to you through out my life.

Sir, Please find below the details of bank account where your kindself may send your kind help and contributions.

S.B Account No. 01190005115
Branch No.4378
Bank Name : State Bank of Mysore
Vishweshwara Nagar Branch
Vishweshwara Nagar,
Mysore 570008, Karnataka

Hope that, your kind self will help me.

Jazakum Allahu khairan.

Wassalaamu alaykoum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh.

Anis Ahmed Shariff
Door No.4, Second Stage,
Industrial Suburb,
Vishweshwara Nagar,
Mysore 570008,
Karnataka, India
Email : aashariff1963@rediffmail.com

Posted - Monday, October 11, 2004  -  12:17 PM Reply with quote
Dear Moderator,

I request you not to allow these sorts of posts asking people for financial help.We are not certain whether their requests are genuine or it is fake,as I have experienced in most cases.Do not allow to post these kinds of things.Please delete the above post and ask the person who posted to provide proof for what he asserts.There are many fraudulent cases I have come across.Please those who read the above post,do not send your money as we are not certain whether the request is genuine or not.Prophet said:
"It is better for a person to carry the woods from forests and sell it than to beg others".


Posted - Friday, October 15, 2004  -  8:59 PM Reply with quote
In Islam, it is not only begging that is condemned but also dealing with a beggar like beggars also. It must be remembered that “Qulu-linnas-e-husna” is for everyone from a king to a beggar.
May he be right but according to his details, Mr. Anis Ahmed Shariff did not mention his age, occupation and status of his health, which do favour someone to think upon. Suppose he is included in the category of “Maskeen” then he can be helped indigenously in the better way because one can distribute his “Zakat” and charity among the poor people only on the basis the merit and this merit list vary from person to person. For example some one may have one’s poor relatives and neighbours and others in one’s surrounding, while the other may not. These deserving people are at the top of the list otherwise the objective of this system can not be achieved. On the other hand, if someone has the capacity and is willing can donate to anybody, after knowing the facts, all over the world because we the followers of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who is “Rehmatullil-Aalameen”.
Suggestions for Mr. Anis Ahmed Shariff
1. Do not loose helplessness, seek help with “sabr’ and “salaht”.
2. You are a lucky one as you have all the wealth at your home, which are your parents. Serve them as you can. I am a consultant surgeon/surgical specialist and write to me please the details of the health problems of your parents or others, as I will do guide you accordingly.
3. Raise your income by earning more, fairly and reduce your expenditures.
4. Do keep in touch with you relatives, neighbourers, NGOs, and the local authorities. These are the proper levels of hearing of your request.
5. Wait, if your request melts someone. Remember please; if you are really a needy at the moment then do not proceed to be a habitual one.
6. You can sell some extra households or pets to meet the urgent needs. After earning these things can be easily repurchased (of the latest models).
7. Do not worry; as such difficult times are for the beloved peoples of Allah Almighty. You will get the reward and remember that these times are not always there but a part of the process of a forthcoming Allah’s help in miracle, Insha’alah. You must know that “Rizq” chases the man, not the man chases the “Rizq”.
Do not think that “sadqa” is the only money but this post is also a “sadqa”. Money is only for a few days but these suggestions may help you in whole of your life and your children.
May Allah bless you and solve your problems, Aameen
Dr. Akhlaq

Posted - Friday, October 15, 2004  -  11:33 PM Reply with quote
I am extremely sorry for the above mistake of the text writing, on my part- 1. “Do not loose helplessness” that must be “Do not loose helpfulness”.
Sorry once again,
Dr. Akhlaq

Posted - Tuesday, October 19, 2004  -  10:14 AM Reply with quote
I think we can help this member by writing to


All members who are donating to these organizations can request to help this member because for such financial purposes its always effective if we do it in a group and Anis Ahmed should write as well.
I have written to him to post this to our Communities forum too.

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