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Revealing the Sexual Sins of a Husband
Question asked by Siti Yasmin.
Posted on: Sunday, June 13, 2004 - Hits: 6280

I read with interest that it is not desirable for a person who has stumbled into adultery to reveal his sin to others unless before a court. I have a query which I would appreciate an answer to a specific case:

(i) Is it desirable for the wife of an adulterer to reveal to the other woman's husband (OWH) that her husband (the adulterer) has been having an affair with OWH's wife if all other efforts to end the affair has failed. This was advised by marriage counsellor to the wife of adulterer to discourage further contact between her husband and the other woman.

(ii) Is it then desirable for the adulterer to admit the affair if questioned by OWH?

The answers to your questions are:

(i)It is not correct to conclude that concealing and not reporting sexual deviations of a person is forbidden in all circumstances.In some situations, it can prove to be an effective measure to correct that person as seems to be the case in this matter. There comes a stage when one is forced to reveal such Satanic acts of others to a court of law. A person who is in the position to report such misdemeanour should exercise his prudence and judgement in taking a decision in such cases.

(ii) I think one is under moral obligation to tell the truth when questioned in this way except of course in exceptional circumstances of which the person himself is the best judge.

Tariq Mahmood Hashmi
RA Studying Islam

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