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Guide us Sat-Nav...
Author/Source:   (hkhan135@aol.com) Posted by: Henna R.Khan
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‘’Turn around when possible. Turn around when possible’

The sound from the ‘Tom Tom’ , satellite navigator went on repeating the instructor as I turned the car into the next street while taking my child to his friend’s house.

‘’Mummy we have done something wrong. Tom Tom is not accepting this way’ Said my daughter worriedly.

‘Could you please check it’ I told her as I slowed the car down and looked into the mirror to park it on a side- I was not at all in a mood to get lost whence already there was a list of things waiting to be done.

‘Oh you know what-looks like one of use has touched the screen by mistake and the wrong address was keyed in’ My daughter found out the cause..

There you go-we ought to keep our minds open instead of following blindly. The roads did look a bit different, didn’t they?’ I announced while turning around.

As I turned the car around I thought this Sat Nav has so many lessons for us really. We tend to follow the keyed in instructions in life but not many of us really take the pain to work around such existing info-read and understand by using our own minds as well-not necessarily to refute that available info-but to make sure what we are following is the Right as this will decide our fate not only in this fleeting world, but also in the ceaseless times to come hereafter..

Although we clearly see that the way of study in modern times is more research and critique oriented-but when it comes to the most serious matter of our life-our faith, our religion, we tend to shut our eyes and brains and follow the instruction which has been keyed in already by our forefathers.

This is the repeated comment about the people of the past who rejected the guidance that reached them-because they did not want to bother themselves in order to stumble on the Truth..

‘coz it takes much less of the pains to try and find out the Truth instead of following every star blindly-than the pains we take for the trivial things of attraction, temporary comforts and desires in life, but the consequences can be tremendously disastrous or fantastically brilliant..

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