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Criticism (29 articles)

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Apologies to the People of our Land....for the War & Bloodshed...
(Added: 9-May-2009  Hits:3483)
There is no doubt that the State has to make sure that our country is safe and secure, but is force, war & bloodshed the answer or solution to the present problems of extreme views and violence in Pakistan or anywhere in the world or does the solution lie in spending resources on the education of the people about the real concepts of Islamic way of life, from the original sources of Qur'an and the practices of the prophets (peace be upon them) Sunnah

Why are muslims suffering?
(Added: 23-Apr-2009  Hits:3634)
An analysis of the possible causes of the present situation of Muslim ummah globally. The blame culture we are living in and the facts behind it.

If God is Impartial…
(Added: 3-Oct-2007  Hits:4334)
God is impartial and will judge impartially.

Guide us Sat-Nav...
(Added: 30-Jul-2007  Hits:4047)
it takes much less of the pains to try and find out the Truth. before following every star blindly-than the pains we take for the trivial things of attraction in life but the consequences can be tremendously disastrous or fantastically brilliant..

Black Star!
(Added: 30-Apr-2007  Hits:4466)
a reflection of a self criticism, which i think we all need to do quite often! if we wish to carry on in the right direction.

Do Worship Buildings cause Isolation or Integration?
(Added: 10-Apr-2007  Hits:4416)
a local mosque needed to be shifted due to the local muslim population areas. there have been interesting comments by community members coming from various backgrounds as this one published in a local news papaer.

Educate...in Hope of Revival
(Added: 12-Jun-2004  Hits:5877)
Why is the Ummah degenerating?

What Is Hard In The Heart/Peace
(Added: 10-May-2004  Hits:4679)
The money, the material and fame will be what they look for and live for; feeling self sufficient just with those; needing/spreading no warmth of TLC(tender loving care. "A person gives away what he/she receives as a child" is a general rule,with few exceptions.

Can Angels Disobey?
(Added: 16-Dec-2002  Hits:5349)

What is the Punishment for Adultery?
(Added: 16-Dec-2002  Hits:6291)

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