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Apologies to the People of our Land....for the War & Bloodshed...
Author/Source: Dr.Henna Khan  (hkhan135@aol.com) Posted by: studyingislamuk
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I could not stop my tears in the clinic yesterday as I had seen the images from NWFP earlier ~I felt my heart was being crushed into pieces and I could see the floor next to my feet turning red as I spit out those fresh heart muscles broken into millions of individual cells; couldn't make it whether that was the blood from my heart or from the bloodshed happening thousands of miles away on my land; I am sitting here, (in my 2nd land, as it is ofcourse, because it gave me peace & shelter and everything to me and my family) I am saving lives of the lovely humans around me~ so why these killings in my land....how on earth could any civilization of the world believe that the solution to the problem lies in war & killing as opposed to the education and efforts to wipe out the prevailing ignorance among those communities & within the rest of the world in this regard. Do those pictures of joining hands of the Pk, Afgn & US leaders give you any joy. Is this union really for the betterment or destruction in the name of wiping out "Extremism". May God help us stick to our aim of fighting against ignorance through spring and autumn, wherever we live, and keep it easier for us & may our hands remain joined for this common purpose of enlightening education with His hand on top of our's.amen

(we are sorry oh people of our land; despite screaming and shouting night and day, we got very late...very late to light the candles of education and bring you out of the darkness of poverty and ignorance into the light of awareness that what actually Islam is~ that this is not Islam as you have understood it and that is making you angry, ready to fight and die...and giving reasons to the world powers to come and shed your blood on the face of your own beautiful lands..we are sorry...may God forgive our laziness and love for comfort...)

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