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Mercy upon Mankind
Author/Source: Mirza Suleman Beg  Posted by: admin
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It's you that God did select
An abyss of morality and intellect
Your extreme love do we claim
Peace we say to your name
Your example we say we follow
When the beard is hanging below
With a certain type of attire
Anything less, we're playing with fire?
Faded away from memories is true meanings
Lost is the spirit of your teachings Oh prophet, the mercy upon mankind
Kindness now is scarce to find
Oh God, guide us to the path
Not the way to your wrath

SakienaBeg This is a wonderful poem with a good message. the world does need to reflect that the path of the Prophet (SAW) is more than the outward appearance of people. if we love the Prophet (SAW) as we claim then we will follow him in every way, particularly the characteristics that are most substantial such as kindness, caring, humility, giving, honesty etc. The Prophet (SAW) said, "The best among you are those who are kind to your womenfolk." A good muslim is one with good akhlaaq, not the one who dresses well in the latest "Islamic wear".
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