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The Spoken Word
Author/Source: Mirza Suleman Beg, M.D.  Posted by: admin
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Suddenly, Gabriel was one day heard
In Mecca came down the spoken word
Read, he said, read with the name of God
To a man, as shivers went down his cord
As he replied I don't know how to read
Then Gabriel said God has chosen you to lead
He it is Who teaches man to read and write
He is the One with the mightiest might
Lead the people out from ignorance and deceit
You have been chosen to take Abraham's seat
And many others, here's to name a few
Adam Noah Jonah Joseph and Solomon too
Psalms of David, the Torah and Moses
And then came the Gospel with Jesus
God will now provide his reflection
As it has come time for correction
On matters with time that are in doubt
People have wandered from the route
You are entrusted with the task
Answer questions that people ask
He will speak His words through your mouth
These will echo east, west, north and south
He it is Who created big and small
His is the only name that stands tall
He is the only one true guide
Know always He's on your side
Invite all to what is right and good
Clarify to all what is misunderstood
Alas though those words are preserved
Minds of men remain ignorantly perversed
Oh people Read, Read the Torah, Gospel and Quran
Learn the truth, you will find God, the only One

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