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Global Peace Due to Islam
Author/Source:   Posted by: safiya shamim scholar mumbai university
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As we know that, the very important thing in the world is peace, it means body with soul. It is very clear that beyond the all the luxurious, peace plays a vital role for every life.

Now we are living in globalization, modernization era. It is fact that developed nations number of time more rich than other developing and under developed countries. However, they are failed to follow the life and ideologies of Prophet Muhammad (sw) hence, the lost their dignity, respect, moral values and ethic etc.
Besides it, man has produce weapons of total annihilation for their production and stockpiling and absurdly justified it on the grounds of defending humanity or a part of it.

Mankind is divided into nation’s states and the discrimination between rich and poor continue. Like that political disturbance and economic disparities are very common in today’s world. War and violence have become a part of our life with disastrous effect. Than what is the solution behind it? What teachings Islam give to us for all above this?

The practical and theoretical solution, examples and proofs are provided to remedy all the worldly tensions, discriminations and divisions in the life of Prophet Muhammad (sw). The basic Islamic doctrines have a considerable impact if it is followed in the true spirit in creating peace in the individual minds and also in any human society to a nation.

Islam means peace and submission. It offers peace to mankind through submission to worshipping one god, with a sense of human brotherhood and justice. He Himself denotes his name peace. He further says I the peace and this is by me, prophet Muhammad always pray for peace. He also prayed for peace before the death, on the death after the death.
Islam also teaches justice for all. No individual is more honorable than other on the ground of family, race, nation or the status achieved in this worldly life while the most honorable in the sight of Almighty is the one who is righteous and beneficial to others, Quran declares, O mankind! We created you from a single pair male and female and made you into races and tribes then you may know each other, verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous and is well acquainted(s.49.13).
As said above, Islam means peace and offers peace; however peace is the product of human order and justice. A just peace is worldly target of Islam and peace with injustice shall become the close of shame in the life here-after.

Hence, Islamic tenets offers the exact key to world peace so every individual should to need these teachings of Islam to contribute to world peace otherwise, it will be our loss in this life and in the here-after. May peace of Allah be upon all of us. By

Safiya Shamim
E-MAIL:- safiyakhtn35@gmail.com 
Research scholar Kalsekar College
University of Mumbai.

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